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This page provides as much information as possible on Y-DNA research:

Flowers Surname Y-DNA project

Descendants of Rafe Flowers Y-DNA project

My goal is to find the English link to my Flowers family line through the use of Y-DNA marking. As you can see from the Flowers surname distribution in the UK, no one with the surname of Flowers ever started in Ireland. I believe that Rafe Flowers was born in Ulster Ireland, but his line started in England somewhere. Kind of connect the dots.

If you are interested in getting your DNA tested, please follow the links above and you will be able to start your test right away.



The known Y-DNA tests for Flowers descendants of our line are shown below:

Y-DNA 43 marker test for Nelson Jaret Flowers descendant of Rafe Flowers

Y-DNA 37 marker test for William Cain Mason Jr. descendant of Rafe Flowers (DNA results are only good for surname Mason)

Y-DNA 25 marker test for D. Flowers descendant of Benjamin Flowers (son of James Flowers below)

Y-DNA 25 marker test for J. Flowers descendant of James Flowers (1743-1826) brother of Rafe Flowers

New family members:

Bill Flowers

Cheryl Stinnett Pecpec