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This site is dedicated to the Descendants of Rafe/Ralfe/Rolfe/Ralph Flowers (1741-1821)

About the time of the 1790 census or the 1782-1787 tax lists in Virginia, there were an estimated 30 heads of families named "Flowers" in the South states and about the same number in the North. So the family of Ralph Flowers comprised less than two percent of the "Flowers" in the United states.

According to Bardsley's "Dictionary of English and Welsh surnames, "Flowers is an occupational name, like Smith, Miller, or Baker, and it means one who shot a flo, or arrow". "Flo-er" would accordingly translate into the vernacular as "arrow shooter", and it would be a synonym of archer, bowman, or even crossbowman. It was first spelled Floer, then variously as Flouer, Floure, Flower, etc. (Ref. Some Descendants of Ralph Flowers, Jarrott Val Flowers 1990)

Ralph Flowers is the progenitor of a branch of the Flowers family. He appears on the tax rolls of Buckingham County Virginia starting in 1773, and continues on the tax rolls at least through 1810. Ralph Flowers rendered "Public Service" to the state of Virginia during the Revolutionary War, consisting of supplying 270 lbs of grass fed beef to the US Army, for which he was given a receipt for 2 lbs, 5 shillings, 4 pence on 7 August, 1781. According to family records he was married to Rachel Elizabeth "Betsy" Stinnett. Together they had four sons and three daughers. His children are as follows: Twins Valentine and Austin, William, Elizabeth, James, Mary "Polly", Unknown (married Dr. Durham). Ralph was born in Ulster, Ireland (possibly Antrim county) and died in Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee. Currently, his parents are unknown. I hope to meet with "Flowers" representatives from the UK. Using the Y-DNA testing, we can determine male relatives from all lines of the family. If we can get a "Flowers" match in England, we could connect the dots back to Ralph.

Flowers and descendants of this line have fought in nearly every major war the United States has seen. This includes the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Enlistments and other appointments have taken place during Somalia, and Iraq as well.

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