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9. William Flippin Flowers (Valentine, Ralph) was born 5 Dec 1786 in VA and died in September 1868 in Hickman County TN.

He was married in VA to Martha Flemming Hughes. She was born 22 Dec 1786 in VA and died 30 Mar 1854 in Hickman County TN, and her funeral was preached by Rev. James Tarrant, a noted Methodist minister, which suggests that the Hughes were Methodists while the Flowers were mostly Baptists. Both William and Martha were buried at the Flowers cemetery, behind their home at the northwest end of Briar Pond Bottom, near Coble TN (Ref. 64 and 65).

Martha was a daughter of Simon Hughes, who died in Smith County TN in 1823. She was called Patsy F. Flowers in his will (Ref. 66). Robert E. L. Flowers gives her middle name as Flemming

Between 1808 when Elizabeth was born and 1809 when Mary was born William and his family moved from VA to Hickman County TN, where his father Valentine Flowers had settled on Duck River near Beaver Dam Creek. After a short stay in Hickman County they moved to Smith County TN, near Carthage, because of Martha's concern about the numerous Indians still in Hickman County at that time (Ref.2).

During the War of 1812, while William was a resident of Smith County TN, he served from 13 Nov 1814 to 13 May 1815 as a Fourth Sergeant in the Captain Elijah Haynie's Company of Col. James Roulston's 3d Regiment West Tennessee Mounted Militia in General William Carroll's Division (Ref. 2, 67, and 68).

On 19 Sep 1820 William F. Flowers was deeded some property in smith County TN by Ralph Flowers for $224 (Ref. 11).

After Martha's father Simon Hughes died ca Nov 1823, William and Martha moved permanently to Hickman County TN and built a home at the west end of Briar Pond Bottom, about 2.5 miles NW of Coble.

They were accordingly listed in the 1820 census in Smith County TN (Ref. 69), and in 1830 and subsequent censuses in Hickman County TN (Ref. 70 73).

Reference 2 gives a first hand description from Mary Levisa Flowers:

"William Flippin Flowers gave each of his children 50 acres of land, part of his estate, and a Negro, when they married. He owned 50 slaves and much property, all of Wright's Bend up to the Walker farm, which was about three miles.

"There were eight Negro cabins on the old homestead, a row from the smokehouse to the Spring Branch. This place was on the highway from Centerville to Waverly, north to south, and by the side of the road was an old cave spring at the foot of a steep hill, known as the old Flowers Spring. Grandfather William F. Flowers kept meat and food hidden in the cave during the Civil War. His son, Dr. David D. Flowers, bought this place after William F. Flowers death. Dr. D. D. Flowers had a stone house built around the mouth of the cave, with water running through it, and stone floors on each side of the stream. The water was very cold, and huge crock jars of fish, all kinds of meat, milk, and butter were kept in the spring house in the summer time to keep cool, and in the winter time to keep them from freezing.

"Adjoining the Flowers homestead yard, which was enclosed with a plank fence, there were about two acres in garden. Beyond this was the horse lot and barn. Beyond this was the old Flowers graveyard, also this was (on) the road that went around a hill toward the place where great grandfather Valentine Flowers lived. Just above the road, in the mouth of a hollow, was the old blacksmith shop where Negroes did all work necessary on the farm. Around the hill, in another hollow, was the still where they made pure whiskey and brandy.."

In 1966 the old house still served as the residence of a Mr. Lancaster. On the front or south side it was two stories tall, but on the back or north the roof line came down to the first story. In the front and on the west sides were full length porches. The chimneys at each end were evidently made of slump stone, which was cut from the mud of a particular pond in Humphreys Co. and dried, taking on a dark brown color (Ref. 74).
The house had ordinary siding and appeared to be of frame construction, but by 1982 the house was no longer occupied, and some of the siding was coming off. Underneath the siding the first story of the house was actually built from large squared off timbers or logs. There were two large rooms in front with walnut mantles over the fireplaces. One appeared to have been a living room and the other the "master bedroom."
There was a deep cellar under the kitchen; the shaky kitchen floor above the cellar was probably the cause of abandonment of the house. In one corner of the living room was a small closet which when opened proved to be the stairs, so steep as to be almost a ladder, to the two large bedrooms above. There was a low door between the bedrooms, less than 4 feet in height. Re-inspection of the doors downstairs showed that most of them were originally low, but had been modified sometime or other to normal height. From the front porch the spring house was visible across the road to the right. The kitchen window in the rear looked out toward the Flowers cemetery and the hills beyond.
William and Martha had 13 ch, whose names and birth dates were originally copied from his family Bible. Their middle names were said to be taken from the older Flowers family connections (Ref. 2, 23, 68, and 69 73):

52. i Elizabeth Ann Flowers b 30 Jun 1808 in VA
53. ii Mary Madison Flowers b 30 Sep 1809 in TN
54. iii Martha B. Flowers b 16 Nov 1811
55. iv Naomi L. Flowers b 31 Oct 1813 in TN
56. v Sarah Price Flowers b 23 Mar 181557. vi Valentine Flippin Flowers b 16 Nov 1817, near Carthage, Smith County TN
58. vii William Carroll Flowers b 6 Aug 1819 in TN
59. viii John Littleberry Flowers b 17 May 1821 in TN
60. ix Robert Dickson Flowers b 14 Feb 1823 in TN
61. x David Douglas Flowers b 16 Feb 1825 in TN
62. xi James Morgan Flowers b 11 Oct 1826 in TN
63. xii Nancy Adeline Flowers b 29 Mar 1829
64. xiii Gideon Bigelow Flowers b 1 Sep 1830 in TN

10. Naomi Flowers (Valentine, Ralph) was born 26 Jul 1789 (Ref. 2) in VA and died 1850 1860 in Humphreys County TN. She was married to Daniel Forsee (also spelled Foresee, etc.), who was born ca 1783 in VA and said to be of French ancestry. He died after 1860. (Ref. 75, 76, and 77).

They were married on 28 May 1805 in Campbell County VA. The ceremony was performed by a William Flowers (Ref. 22).

At an early date they relocated permanently to Humphreys County TN and settled on Hurricane Creek, south of McEwen (Ref. 28 and 77). Both Naomi and Daniel are probably buried in unmarked graves in the old Forsee cemetery (Ref. 14 and 28).

Naomi and Daniel had 10 ch (Ref. 75 77):

65. i Elizabeth Flippin Forsee b 12 Jan 1807 in VA
66. ii Martha Forsee b ca 1809 in TN + 67. iii Stephen P. Forsee b ca 1813 in TN
68. iv Mary (Polly) Forsee b ca 1814 in TN. Not married
69. v Nancy Forsee b ca 1817 in TN

70. vi James Daniel Forsee b 13 Nov 1818 in TN
71. vii Sarah (Sallie) Forsee b ca 1821 in TN. Married John Matlock, no children
72. viii Tilford Monroe Forsee b ca 1823 in TN. Not married. In 1850 he was a schoolteacher. He joined Maney's Battery CSA as a Lieutenant at its organization and was later a Captain. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin, 30 Nov 1864 and buried on the battlefield, but re-interred in the Forsee Cemetery next to Valentine Flowers. (Ref. 14, Vol II, page 292; See #66, Martha)

73. ix Valentine F. Forsee b ca 1825 in TN (Appears as Valentine E. Forsee in some census indexes)
74. x Amanda Forsee b ca 1828 in TN

11. Elizabeth Flowers (Valentine, Ralph) called Polly Flowers in the settlement of her father’s estate in 1838 (Ref. 14), was born 8 Apr 1791. She was married in VA to a Douglass, and they had at least one son, probably two or more (Ref 2):

75. i Dr. John Douglass, MD. Taught medicine to his cousin Dr. David D. Flowers #61. John lived on Swan Creek in Hickman County near John L. Flowers #59. Mary Levisa, Reference 2, specifically states that Dr. John Douglas was a son of Elizabeth. There are several John Douglas/Douglasses in TN, and Dr. John has not been positively identified in the census records.

Note: Reference 2, Mary Levisa, also reported that Dr. Byrd Douglass was a cousin of her father, Dr. David D. Flowers, but there are said to be Douglass relatives on the Hughes side (Ref. 78), and it is not positive whether Byrd was related on the Flowers side or the Hughes side. Dr. Byrd Douglass was born in VA ca 1813, his wife Hannah was b ca 1818 in KY, and they had 5 ch in 1850: Edwin b ca 1840, Hugh b ca 1842, Lee b ca 1843,

Byrd b ca 1845, and Mary b ca 1846 (Ref. 79).

12. Patsy Flowers (Austin, Ralph) was born ca 1784 1787 as she was under age 21 when she was married on 28 Nov 1804 in Amherst County VA to Nicodemus Vermillion (aka Cornelius; recorded as Cornelius in the permission slip and Nicodemus in the marriage record) (Ref. 29). In 1810 they resided in Campbell County VA (Ref. 80), and in 1820 in Mercer County KY (Ref. 81). They had at least two sons:

76. i (male) Vermillion b ca 1810
77. ii (male) Vermillion b ca 1810

14. William Flowers (Austin, Ralph) was b 1794 1804, probably in 1800 1804. He died in 1867 in Graves County KY. He married Sarah Owens, and they had 12 ch, only one of whom has been identified (Ref. 33). In 1830 they were in Warren County KY (Ref. 32).

78. i Flowers (male) b 1820 1825
79. ii Flowers (male) b 1820 1825
80. iii James H. Flowers b 18 Feb 1825 in Warren County KY
81. iv Flowers (male) b 1825 1830
82. v Flowers (male) b 1825 1830
83. vi Flowers
84. vii Flowers
85. viii Flowers
86. ix Flowers
87. x Flowers
88. xi Flowers
89. xii Flowers

18. Lyda (or Lydia) Flowers (William, Ralph) was born in VA 15 Feb 1789 (Ref. 231) as she was age 61 in 1850 (Ref. 82). She married Tarltan Hughes, b 1770 1780, and d between 29 Jun 1849 when his will was dated and May 1850 when it was filed (Ref. 83). He was the son of John Hughes who died in Smith County TN in 1825 (Ref. 84).

On 18 Jul 1844 William Flowers deeded some property to Lyda, and she was named in his will (Ref. 41, 43, and 44). Lyda and Tarltan had 5 ch (Ref. 83):

91. i William F. Hughes b ca 1820 in TN, m Sarah D. Chambers on 15 Feb 1848 in Smith County TN (Ref. 85)
92. ii Sarah Hughes b ca 1825 in TN. She married Samuel T. Rucks, who along with William F. Hughes was an executor of the will of Tarltan Hughes in Smith County TN (Ref. 83).
93. iii John Hughes
94. iv David Hughes
95. v Mary Hughes b ca 1829 in TN. She married James B. Jeffries on 27 Feb 1851 in Smith County TN (Ref. 85).

19. Sealy Flowers (William, Ralph) was apparently deceased by 1844 as her apparent husband William McClannahan and son William McClanahan (Jr?) were mentioned in William Flowers' will (Ref. 44). On 14 Jul 1844 her father William Flowers deeded some property to William McClanahan (Ref. 43).

William McClanahan (Sr) was born ca 1789 in VA. He apparently remarried as he was the head of a family in the 1850 census of Smith County TN.

Sealy Flowers and William McClanahan had a son:

96. i William McClanahan Jr. (In the 1850 census of TN there were two William McClanahans in the right age bracket, one in Decatur County, age 21, and another in Hickman County, age 36, both with families.)

21. Drucilla Flowers (William, Ralph) was born 4 Jun 1796 in VA and died 30 Oct 1850 in Smith County TN. Burial was at Cedar Bluff in Trousdale County TN.

She was married on 14 Jun 1814 to Garland McAlister Jr. (sp. Of McAlister varied) who was born 30 Mar 1785 in Wake County NC and died 20 May 1850 in Smith County TN. He was also buried at Cedar Bluff TN. His parents were Garland McAlister Sr. and Sally Banks. Drucilla was one of the beneficiaries of deeds by William Flowers and was mentioned in his will (Ref. 41, 43, and 44).

Drucilla and Garland had 11 ch, all b in Smith County TN:

97. i Mary Banks McAlister b 24 Apr 1815, d 25 Oct 1838, married in 1831 to William Bradley
98. ii William Flowers McAlister b 6 Jul 1817
99. iii Irena Tompkins McAlister b 24 Jun 1819, d 1 Jul 1837, not married
100. iv Sarah Banks McAlister b 6 May 1821. She was a great grandmother of Mr. Lewis C. Payne
101. v Evelina Lumpkin McAlister b 3 Mar 1823, d 23 Sep 1871, married 8 Mar 1842 to Oscar L. Ewing
102. vi Saunders Flowers McAlister b 11 Aug 1825, d 17 Aug 1899, married 9 Oct 1856 to Melissa M. Derickson. He was named for his uncle Joel Saunders Flowers #20.
103. vii Harriet Hughes McAlister b 12 Aug 1827, d 29 May 1836. Not married
104. viii Ruth Burford McAlister b 13 Nov 1829, d 8 Nov 1865, married 17 Jul 1850 to James R. Hibbitts.
105. ix Drucilla Garland McAlister b 28 Mar 1832, d 9 Apr 1832
106. x Luvenia Walton McAlister b 18 May 1833, d 12 Feb 1902. Married 24 Nov 1856 to James E. Fitzpatrick.
107. xi Elizabeth Garland McAlister b 1 Aug 1837, d 16 Sep 1856. Not married.

22. William Lumkin Flowers (William, Ralph) received property deeded by William Flowers on 18 Jul 1844 and was mentioned in William's will (Ref. 41, 43, 44). On 18 Mar 1844 "William Flowers Jun." deeded a slave, which was in the possession of Joel S. Flowers, to Rolfe K. Flowers; his place of residence was Memphis TN (Ref. 41).

The will of Rolfe K. Flowers, dated 11 Oct 1823 (family record, not filed) named as executors his brother William L. Flowers and his father William Flowers. This document clearly shows the middle initial "L" (Ref. 86).

Both Mr. Lewis C. Payne (Ref. 41) and Mr. T. P. Hughes (Ref. 87) examined the item in Burkes Distinguished American Families (Ref. 88A), which lists a William Flowers said to be descended from John Flowers who came to Virginia about 1620. After examining the county records of Tennessee, including the will of William L. Flowers, Mr. Payne concluded that our William L. Flowers was the same as the William Flowers in Burkes. Mr. Hughes, who was tracing the ancestry of Rolfe K. Flowers, noted dryly that much research was needed to connect a William Flowers born 1798 to a John Flowers in Virginia in 1620.

Only one William L. Flowers is found in the Tennessee census records, and the census data (Ref. 88B, 88C, and 88D) are not inconsistent with the data in Burkes. The 1840 census (Ref.88B) is unhelpful. The head of the family, William L. Flowers, is age 40 50, but two families appear to be living together in his household. The 1850 census (Ref. 88C) shows that William L. Flowers, age 52, was probably widowed, as he is boarding in one household, while three of his children are boarding in a neighboring household. One of the children is William, age 12, which is consistent with Burkes. In 1860 W.L. Flowers, age 61, is still in Madison County, but his children have grown up and left home. There was another William L. Flowers who was in Butler County KY in 1850, but he was born in 1815 in NC, and the William Flowers age 64 in 1850 in Overton County TN was a son of Roland Flowers. The other William Flowers in the census records can similarly be distinguished from the one in Burkes.

William L. Flowers was born 26 May 1798 in Buckingham County VA and died 20 Feb 1866, (Ref. 41, 88A, 231)), buried in Mumford Cemetery in Covington TN (Ref. 41) . He married Mary A. White (Ref. 88A) and was on the tax list of Madison County TN for 1826¬-1832 (Ref. 41). His will in Tipton County TN was dated 9 Jan 1866, and it names his four children and a grandson Alex Gracy Hall (Ref. 41):
108. i William Pitts Flowers b 5 Apr 1838 (Ref. 88A, 88C)
109. ii Elizabeth Flowers b ca 1841 (Ref. 88C)
110. iii Mary Eliza Flowers b ca 1833 (Ref. 88C)
111. iv Jo S. Flowers (Jo S. may be short for Joel S. Flowers and hence one of several Joel S. Flowers in the rosters of Confederate soldiers from TN.)

23. Rolfe Kelly Flowers (William, Ralph) was born 18 Jun 1800 (Ref. 231), He is listed as the head of a family in the 1820 census of Smith County TN (Ref. 89). He is the same as the Rolfe A. Flowers age 60 in the 1860 census (Ref. 90). According to family records he died 13 Feb 1869, place unknown (Ref. 41 and 87). The spelling "Rolfe" is undoubtedly a variation of spelling also used at times by his namesake grandfather.

On 11 Oct 1823 he executed a hand written will stating that he intended to travel to the west. The executors were his brother William L. Flowers and his father William Flowers, and the sole beneficiary was his son John H. Flowers. This will was not probated, as Rolfe K. Flowers returned safely from the trip west, but the will was saved as a family record (Ref. 86).

William Flowers deeded property to his son Rolfe K. Flowers and named him in his will (Ref. 41, 43, 44).

Rolfe K. Flowers moved to Brownsville Haywood County TN in the early 1850 s. He established buggy and mail routes from Brownsville to Nashville, Brownsville to Memphis, and later from Bolivar to Memphis (Ref. 41).

His wife is unknown, but he had one son:

112. i John Henry Flowers b 20 Jul 1820

24. David Patterson Flowers (William, Ralph) was born 14 May 1806 in VA and died 19 Dec 1879 in Grundy County MO where he was buried at Johnson Cemetery (Ref. 91). He was mentioned in the will of William Flowers (Ref. 44). The recorded copy was first written calling him a grandson but carefully marked to call him a son of William.

David Patterson Flowers was married to Phalby , who was born 25 Jul 1809 in TN and died 8 Jun 1880 in Grundy County MO (Ref. 91). In 1830 they were in Smith County TN (Ref. 92) and in 1840 in DeKalb County TN (Ref. 93). Between 1840 and 1842 they moved to Grundy County MO (Ref. 94). They had 9 ch (Ref. 91):

113. i Andrew L. Flowers b ca 1829 in TN
114 ii Joice (Joyce) Flowers b ca 1831 in TN. M James Williams.
115. iii Flowers (female) b 1830 1835
116. iv Isaac Flowers b 9 Oct 1836 in TN and d 21 Jun 1886 in Grundy County MO
117. v William Duane Flowers, called uncle "Dane", b Oct 1837 in TN
118. vi Elizabeth Flowers b ca 1841 in TN
119. vii Josephine Flowers b ca 1842 in MO
120. viii Thomas Flowers b ca 1847 8 in MO
121. ix Laura Flowers b ca 1852 3 in MO

25. Lucy Walker Flowers (William, Ralph) married John W. Allen. She was mentioned in the will of William Flowers, along with a Sercy W. Allen, who has not been identified (and may therefore be a copying error where Lucy W. Allen was intended) (Ref. 41, 44). On 17 Jul 1844 William deeded land adjoining the Burford tract to Lucy W. Allen (Ref. 43). Lucy had 2 ch:

122. i John W. Allen (Jr), mentioned in William Flowers' will. Received tract of 32 1/2 acres in Maury County TN on the headwaters of Barren River.

123. ii Martha L. Allen b in 1826 in White County TN

26. Louisa Ana Flowers (William, Ralph) married James still. She and her four daughters were mentioned in William Flowers' will; each of the daughters was to receive $50 upon marriage or reaching age 21 (Ref. 41, 44):

124. i Diana Still
125. ii Mary Still
126. iii Darthula Still
127. iv Irina Still

27. Eliza Ione Flowers (William, Ralph) married Jacob Lydey (sp. Lyda, etc.) She was mentioned along with her three daughters in William Flowers' will. Each daughter was to receive $50 upon marriage or reaching age 21 (Ref. 41, 44):

128. i Luvina (Luviny? sp?) Lydey

129. ii Malinda Lydey

130. iii Tyrina (Tyra? Tyris? sp?) Lydey

28. George Christian Flowers (William, Ralph) was b 23 Dec 1809. On 14 Jul 1844 William Flowers deeded property to his son George C. Flowers (Ref. 43) but did not mention George in his will.

George Flowers was a pioneer doctor in DeKalb County TN and probably studied medicine in KY as his oldest son was born there. Mr. L. C. Payne determined that George did not attend Transylvania Medical College in Lexington KY so he may have attended one of the medical schools in Louisville.

George married Nancy , who was born ca 1816, and they had 4 children as of 1850 (Ref. 41 and 95):

131. i Alfred Flowers b ca 1837 in KY

132. ii Nancy E. Flowers b ca 1843

133. iii Diannah L. Flowers b ca 1844

134. iv Mary W. H. Flowers b ca 1848

29. Jonathan P. Hardwick (Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1791 in Buckingham County VA.

Reference 23, The History of Hickman County Tennessee, states that in 1835 Jonathan came from Dickson County TN and bought 2700 acres of land from his son Dillard Hardwick, of MS, located about one mile north of Bon Aqua Springs, TN, which had been purchased by Dillard Hardwick from the heirs of Abner Ponder. Jonathan erected an inn for travelers between KY and the southern states. In 1848 Jonathan Hardwick was an ensign in the Hickman County militia. He had previously owned a tavern at Charlottesville in Dickson County, which had been built by Joslin in 1812.

On 13 Apr 1836 Jonathan Hardwick executed a deed In Dickson County TN for a Negro named Sciotta to John Smith "in trust for the benefit of my sister Nancy C. Durham of Dickson County TN (Ref. 96). This would be the John Smith who married Lydia D. Hardwick, #37.

Jonathan married Frances H. Dillard. In 1850 they were in Hickman County TN (Ref. 97).

Frances was a daughter of James Dillard, whose will mentions the 4 children of Jonathan and Frances (Ref. 54):

135. i John James Hardwick (I), was born ca 1811 1813 as he was said to be ca 22 24 as of the fall of 1835 and died 4 Jul 1839 in Washington County AL at the home of Daniel Coleman. Statements given in Hardwick vs. Hardwick (Ref. 98) in 1846 showed that he was "reading medicine" and working in his uncle's drug store in Carthage, TN and had attended to his father’s tavern at Charlotte in Dickson County TN. He was said to have gone to Pensacola FL to purchase some slaves from a brother of Amanda Starke, when he became ill at the plantation of Dillard Hardwick #136 in Clark County AL and was taken to Coleman's where he died. This Amanda Starke was the wife of his uncle Benjamin H. Hardwick #33.

136. ii Benjamin Dillard Hardwick b 22 Sep 1815
137. iii Elizabeth J. Hardwick b ca 1817
138. iv Mortimer Hardwick (I) (Cf. #387)

33. Benjamin H. Hardwick (Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1804 in VA. In 1846 he was a resident of Yalobusha County MS when he gave a deposition regarding the estate of John James Hardwick #135 (Ref. 98) and probably died ca 1846 1850 in Yalobusha County MS, possibly in one of the cholera or yellow fever epidemics which ravaged the Mississippi delta country in the mid 1800's.

He married Amanda A. Starke, who was born ca 1804 in SC. In 1846 she also resided in Yalobusha County and gave a deposition regarding the estate of John James Hardwick #135.

In 1850 Amanda was apparently widowed in Yalobusha County, living near the Yalobusha County estate of Dillard Hardwick #136.

The Willis’s in the 1850 census may have been her relatives: a William B. Willis age 22 was listed as "farmer" on her estate in 1850. Amanda was family #242, a Frances E. Willis family was #248, and Dillard Hardwick was #249; in his listing in Jackson County MS Dillard's household included Jane Willis age 13 and also Jane Starke age 13.

In 1850 Amanda apparently had five children (Ref. 99):

139. i Frances E. Hardwick b ca 1833 in AL
140. ii Preston C. Hardwick b ca 1836 in MS
141. iii Jane W. Hardwick b ca 1837 in MS
142. iv Edwin C. Hardwick b ca 1843 in MS
143. v Alice C. Hardwick b ca 1845 in MS

34. Samuel P. Hardwick (Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1806 or 1807 in Buckingham County VA and died in 1861 in Buckingham County VA. He was married ca 1829 to Lucy Hudson Flood, who was born ca 1813 and died 20 May 1862 in Buckingham County VA. She was a daughter of John and Elizabeth D. (Hudson) Flood. Samuel and Lucy had 15 ch, all born in Buckingham County VA (Ref. 53):

144. i John Benjamin Hardwick b 9 Aug 1830
145. ii William B. Hardwick b ca 1831, m 21 Dec 1854 to
Sally D. Woodson
146. iii Henry H. Hardwick b ca 1834, d 1855 at Riceville,
VA. Not married.
147. iv Sarah Elizabeth Hardwick b ca 1835, d 24 Feb 1906
at Norfolk, VA. She was married 13 Dec 1855 in
Buckingham County VA to John L. Anderson, and they
are ancestors of Marion Dodson Chiarito.
148. v Joel F. Hardwick b ca 1837, d 1895. He was married
on 6 Mar 1862 to in Halifax County VA to Mary John
149. vi Samuel P. Hardwick b ca 1838
150. vii James A. Hardwick b ca 1840
151. viii Mary Hortense Hardwick b ca 1841, m 26 Nov 1866 to
George W. Boyd
152. ix Martha W. Hardwick b ca 1844, d 1911, m Stephen
153. x Thomas A. Hardwick b ca 1846, m Mary Nell Carter
154. xi Lucy I. Hardwick b ca 1848, d 1869
155. xii William Hardwick b ca 1850, d 1920, m 1st Miss
Woombledrop and 2nd Miss Burdette of WV
156. xiii Henryetta Hardwick b ca 1852, d 1915, m 26 Feb
1871 in Pittsylvania County VA to Samuel Fitz¬gerald
157. xiv Harrietta (Hattie) B. Hardwick b ca 1854, d 1900,
married 8 Oct 1874 to James B. Fitzgerald
158. xv Richard Edward Hardwick b ca 1855, d 1914, married
Stella Upton from WV

35. Nancy C. Hardwick (Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1808 in Buckingham County VA and died between 1860 and 1870 in Johnson County AR. she was married to Joab Durham, who was born ca 1800 in NC and died after 1870 (Ref. 54).

Joab had 100 acres on the tax rolls of Dickson County TN in 1833. Between 1834 and 1838 they moved to Johnson County AR. He was in Spadra Township in Johnson County AR in 1850 (Ref. 100) and 1860, when Joab was an Assistant Marshall for taking the census (Ref. 101). The children Nancy age 4 and Ferdinand age 2 listed in the 1860 census are believed to be the "Coleman orphans" who were living with #164 Emily (q.v.) in 1870.

Joab Durham was the administrator of the estate of Elizabeth (Flowers) Hardwick in 1845 in Johnson County, and in 1861 2 he was the administrator of the estate of Thomas B. Durham, who was probably his brother. The heirs of Thomas B. Durham were Jeptha Durham of Texas, Andrew Durham of Johnson County, Arkansas, Julia Durham, and Martha Durham of Tennessee.

In 1870 Joab was age 71 and living in Red River County TX with his daughter Emily and her family. (Ref. 54)

Nancy and Joab had 6 ch:

159. i Joice P. Durham b 6 Jan 1832 in TN
160. ii Thomas B. Durham b ca 1834 in TN, m Nancy . In
the 1860 census (Ref. 92) their household had no
children but included Elizabeth Webster who may
have been Nancy's mother.
161. iii John J. Durham b ca 1838 in AR
162. iv Woodson B. Durham b ca 1842 in AR
163. v Anna A. Durham b ca 1846 in AR
164. vi Emily Durham b ca 1849 in AR

37. Lydia D. Hardwick (Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was b ca 1812 in VA. She was married on 22 Dec 1835 in Dickson County TN to John Smith (Ref. 54).

The evidence for her being a daughter of Elizabeth and Benjamin Hardwick is that she was married in Dickson County about the time that Benjamin died there; that John Smith was trustee for property deeded by Jonathan Hardwick to John Smith "on behalf of my sister Nancy Durham" (Ref. 96), and that John and Lydia moved to Johnson County AR concurrently with Nancy and Joab Durham.

As of the 1850 census (Ref.100) Lydia and John lived in Pittsburg Township Johnson County AR and had three ch:

165. i George Smith b ca 1837 in AR
166. ii Mary E. Smith b ca 1840 in AR
167. iii Joel H. Smith b ca 1844 in AR

38. Joice P. ("Joicey, etc.") Hardwick (Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1815 in VA and married on 14 Jul 1834 in Dickson County TN to Benjamin W. Burford (Ref. 54).

The evidence for her being a daughter of Elizabeth and Benjamin Hardwick is that she was married in Dickson County TN about the time that Benjamin Hardwick died there, and there were apparently no other Hardwick families in that vicinity, also Nancy (Hardwick) Durham #35 named a daughter Joyce.

Benjamin W. Burford was born ca 1813 in TN. As of the 1850 census (Ref.102) Benjamin and "Joicey" lived in Smith County TN and had 7 children:

168. i Elizabeth Burford b ca 1834 in TN
169. ii Benjamin Burford b ca 1839 in TN
170. iii Sarah Burford b ca 1841 in TN
171. iv Ruth Burford b ca 1844 in TN
172. v Philome Burford b ca 1845 in TN
173. vi Mary Burford b ca 1847 in TN
174. vii Daniel Burford b ca 1849 in TN

42. Rebecca Doss (Mary Flowers, Ralph) was deceased by 1853 when Stewart Doss wrote his will. She married Amonett, and they had 4 cr. (Ref. 60):

175. i Mariah Amonett m Garrison by 1853
176. ii Meridon Amonett m Patterson by 1853
177. iii Fanny Amonett, unm in 1853
178. iv Mary Ann Amonett m Reasonover by 1853

44. Jonathan Doss (Mary Flowers, Ralph) was born in 1808 in VA and died in 1853 in DeKalb County TN (Ref. 103).

He married Priscilla Thweatt who was born ca 1801 in Halifax County VA and was a daughter of William Giles and Sarah (Gilliam) Thweatt. In 1860 Priscilla was living with son James P. Doss (Ref. 104).

Jonathan and Priscilla had 6 ch, all born in DeKalb County TN (Ref. 103 and 105):

179. i Martha Doss b ca 1831 in TN
180. ii James P. Doss b ca 1833 in TN , m Julia Ann
181. iii Amanda Doss b ca 1836 in TN
182. iv Monroe Flowers Doss b 10 May 1837, m Mary Eliza¬beth Botts
183. v Darthula Doss b ca 1840 in TN, m Jim Quails
184. vi Caroline Doss b ca 1842 in TN

45. Mariah Doss (Mary Flowers, Ralph) married Thomas Jefferson Terry and was deceased by 1853 when Stewart Doss wrote his will. She had 5 ch (Ref. 60):

185. i William Franklin Terry b 15 Jun 1825 Smith Co., TN, d 26 Sep 1863 Chicamauga, GA, m Harriet Caroline Turner b 28 Jun 1830 Smith Co., TN, d 12 Jan 1894 Brush Creek, Smith Co., TN on 18 Jul 1850 Smith Co., TN (Ref. 233)
186. ii James Doss Terry b 1 Nov 1835 Smith Co., TN, d 5 Aug 1891 Terryville, TX, m Katharina Ferber b 28 May 1839 Nassau, Germany, d 5 Apr 1928 Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX on 11 Apr 1859 (Ref. 233)
187. iii Jonathan Alpheus Terry b 1 Nov 1838 Smith Co., TN, d 9 Mar 1907 Terryville, TX, m Julia Ann Middlebrook b 1845, d 1922 (Ref. 233)
188. iv Nathan “Nathaniel” Willis Terry b 27 Jan 1844, d 13 Jun 1918, m Homa Hargrove (Ref. 233)
189. v Caroline D. Terry b 9 Dec ? Smith Co., TN, d 4 Apr 1886, m Ezekiel A. Franklin Elkins d Allen’s Station, TX, in 1869 TX (Ref. 233)