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52. Elizabeth Ann Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 30 Jun 1808 in VA.

She married Ebenezer Williams (Ref. 2; aka Evin, Evan and Evins Williams in the census records). He was born ca 1800 in SC.

In 1840 (Ref. 106) and 1850 (Ref. 107) they lived in Hickman County TN, and in 1860 in Perry County TN (Ref. 108). They evidently had 10 children, three of whom, Bill, David, and Bob, were known to Mary Levisa Flowers (Ref. 2):

190 i William (Bill) H. Williams b ca 1826
191 ii Salathiel Williams b ca 1829
192 iii Martha A. Williams b ca 1835
193. iv Elizabeth Williams b ca 1837
194. v David Williams b ca 1840, a noted Methodist minister
195. vi Robert E. Williams b ca 1842, a farmer, lived near a Rutherford TN
196. vii Telitha F. Williams b ca 1845
197. viii Sofia E. Williams b ca 1848
198. ix John B. Williams b ca 1850
199. x Sarah Williams b ca 1851

53. Mary Madison Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 30 Sept 1809 in TN.

She married William Roland (Ref. 2; aka William Rolin or Rolliers in the census or census indexes). He was born ca 1800 in NC and died between 1850 and 1860.

In 1840 they lived in Hickman County TN (Ref. 109), but moved to Perry County TN, where the family appeared in the 1850 and 1860 censuses (Ref. 110 and 111). Mary Levisa (Ref. 2) says that they lived on Lost Creek near Lobelville in Perry County.

In 1880 Mary was living with her brother Dr. David D. Flowers at the old Flowers place near Coble TN, and she gave Mary Levisa a teapot which had been brought from Ireland (Ref. 2, 112).

Mary and William evidently had 9 ch:

200. i Sarah B. Roland b ca 1828
201. ii Martha J. Roland b ca 1830, m Horner (Ref. 2)
202. iii Emily F. Roland b ca 1832
203. iv Elizabeth (Betsy) Roland b ca 1834, m Duffel
(Ref. 2)
205. v Mary (Polly) M. Roland b ca 1836, m Fain (Ref. 2)
204. vi Andrew A. Roland b ca 1838
206. vii Carny Roland (male) b ca 1840
207. viii Bethel B. Roland (female) b ca 1845
208. ix William W. Roland b ca 1848

54. Martha B. Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 16 Nov 1811.

According to Ref. 2 she married a Loftin. He would apparently be the William Loftin Jr. age 20 30 who appears on page 200 of the census of 1840 of Hickman County TN, along with the Williams, Roland’s, Murphy’s, her father William F. Flowers and brother Valentine F. Flowers (Ref. 113). They have not been found in later records. (He is apparently not the William G. Loftin found in Caldwell County KY in 1850.)

Mary Levisa reports that Martha had three daughters:

209. i Susan Loftin m Journey. she was born before 1840 (Ref. 113)
210. ii Adaline Loftin m Chandler
211. iii Martha Loftin m Watson

55. Naomi L. Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 31 Oct 1813 in TN.

She was married to William B. Murphry or Murphree (Ref. 2). He was born ca 1811 in SC. As the typescripts copy of Ref. 2 gives his name as "Nenson", it was probably "Benson."

Mary Levisa (Ref. 2) says they lived near Bakersville in Humphreys County TN, but in 1840 (Ref. 114), 1850 (Ref. 115), and 1860 (Ref. 116) they were listed in the censuses in Hickman County.

Also Mary Levisa (Ref. 2) reports that a daughter, Sophronia, married her cousin Bill Williams (#190). However, there is no Sophronia in the census records, nor a place for an extra daughter of that name, and Ref. 14, Vol. II page 277, a cemetery record, indicates that Martha Murphry married Bill Williams. It is therefore assumed that Martha was aka Sophronia.

Mary Levisa (Ref. 2) does not mention the daughter Darthula, so perhaps Darthula died young.

Naomi and William Murphry evidently had 8 ch:

212. i Sarah (Sallie) Murphry b ca 1834
213. ii Martha Murphry (aka Sophronia? Ref. 2) b ca 1836
m William H. Williams, # 190, q.v.
214. iii Darthula Murphry b ca 1838 (probably died young as
she was not mentioned by Ref. 2)
215. iv David Murphry b ca 1840
216. v William (Bill) Murphry b ca 1844
217. vi Mary Murphry b ca 1848
218. vii Abram (Abe) Murphry b ca 1852
219. viii Josephine (Josie) C. Murphry b ca 1854

56. Sarah Price Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 23 Mar 1815.

She was married on 24 Nov 1841 to Abram C. Burchard (Ref. 2, 23) who was born ca 1819. In the 1850 census (Ref. 117) and the 1860 census (Ref. 118), they were in Hickman County TN where according to Mary Levisa, Ref. 2, they lived on Duck River at the mouth of Beaver Dam Creek, four miles from the old Flowers homestead.

As William F. Flowers is said to have named his children "for the older Flowers connections" the "Price" appears to be for the family of Mary Price, the mother of Elizabeth Flippin. Sarah and Abram had 4 ch:

220. i William (Billy) J. Burchard b ca 1843
221. ii Abram Valentine Burchard b ca 1845
222. iii James C. Burchard b ca 1848
223. iv Sarah Ann or Anna Burchard b ca 1848, twin of
James C. Burchard

57. Valentine Flippin Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) caled "Tine" or "uncle Tine" was born 16 Nov 1817 near Carthage Smith County TN. He was about age seven when his father William Flippin Flowers moved from Smith County TN to the old Flowers homestead at the northwest end of Briar Pond Bottom near Coble Hickman County TN (Ref. 2).

He was married in Hickman County to Louisa Curl. She was a daughter of Jarrett Curl and his first wife, Sallie Jacobs. Louisa Curl was a sister of Mary Curl, who married Dr. David D. Flowers #61. Louisa was born 27 Apr 1825 at Vernon, Hickman County TN (Ref. 2).

Valentine F. Flowers lived in Hickman County TN in 1840 (Ref. 119), 1850 (Ref. 120), and 1860 (Ref. 121).

About Feb or Mar 1861, or three weeks before the start of the Civil War, Valentine Flippin Flowers and his family moved to Graves County KY so his children could attend school, there being none near the old home in Hickman County at that time (Ref. 122). They lived in Haynes Precinct. In 1870 their address was at Kansas Post Office (Ref. 123), and in 1880 at Pottersville (Ref. 124).

There was much difficulty with Union troops during the Civil War. Serious trouble was averted in one instance only after a Union officer recognized Valentine's Masonic distress signal (Ref. 122).

They moved to Cleburne County AR in 1886 as described by Robert E. Lee Flowers: "(When I was) age 21, with mother, dad, and Sister Anna, we left our old Kentucky home to homestead land in northern Arkansas. Our journey began on 28 Oct 1886. There were two covered wagons, a spring hack for mother and dad, and six head of mules, one a lead. We came by way of Crowley’s Ridge, Powhattan, and Batesville, and on 16 Nov 1886 rolled over the hills into Sugar Loaf Springs, now Heber Springs" (Ref. 1).

Valentine Flippin Flowers died at the home of his son Robert at Quitman AR in 1896, and Louisa died at the home of her daughter Anna at Shirley AR in 1903. Both were buried initially at the Lower Barrens Cemetery in Cleburne County AR (Ref. 233). The tombstone was placed by their son Robert E.L. Flowers. Their graves were among those relocated to the Higdon McLehany Cemetery prior to the flooding of Lower Barrens by the Greers Ferry Reservoir.

The census of 1900 (Ref. 125) indicates that Louisa had a total of 9 children. If so, then one must have died very young, as only 8 are known

224. i James Flowers, born ca 1845 (Ref. 120), died about
1857 in an accidental death. James is buried at the
Flowers cemetery at the old home near Coble, TN.
The grave is marked by a rustic stone with no
engraving (Ref. 65, 122).
225. ii Martha Matilda Flowers b 21 May 1847 in Hickman
County TN
226. iii William Jarrett Flowers b 24 Aug 1848 in Hickman
County TN
227. iv Sarah (Sallie) Jane Flowers b 14 Jun 1854 in
Hickman County TN
228. v Mary (Mollie) Elvira Flowers b 15 Feb 1857 in Hickman County TN
229. vi Jefferson Davis Flowers b 23 Aug 1861 in Graves County KY
230. vii Robert Everett Lee Flowers b 12 Mar 1865 in Graves County KY

231. viii Anna Price Flowers b 23 Sept 1867 in Graves County KY

58. William Carroll Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 6 Aug 1819 in TN and apparently named for General William Carroll, under whom William Flippin Flowers served in the War of 1812.

William C. Flowers was "at home" with his father in the census of 1850 (Ref. 72), but by about 1852 he married Elizabeth Easley of Hickman County (Ref. 2). She was born ca 1824. In 1860 they were living in Hickman County (Ref. 126), but between 1863 and 1870 they moved to Gatesville, Coryell County, TX, where they appeared in the census of 1870 (Ref. 127) and 1880 (Ref. 128).

William died on 10 Mar 1887 at Gatesville, TX. His obituary appeared in the Centerville TN newspaper (Ref. 129), where he was remembered as a former resident of Beaverdam Creek and as a brother of Dr. David D. Flowers. William and Elizabeth had at least 5 children (Ref. 126 128):

232. i Walker S. Flowers b ca 1854 in TN
233. ii James D. Flowers b ca 1856 in TN
234. iii R. Donn Flowers b ca 1858 in TN. (Note that there
was an R. D. Flowers buried in the Flowers family
cemetery near Coble TN born ca May 1858, died 20
Jun 1881, age 23 years and 1 month, Ref. 65)

235. iv David Flowers b ca 1860 in TN
236. v George Flowers b ca 1863 in TN

59. John Littleberry Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 17 May 1821. He married Louisa Beakley, who was born ca 1830. She was a daughter of William Beakley (Ref. 23, Chapter XV, paragraph 20. Mary Levisa, Ref. 2, says she was Louisa Beasley, but Spence, Ref. 23, shows that the Beasley and Beakley families both appeared in Hickman County, and specifically notes that Louisa Beakley married John L. Flowers).

John and Louisa lived in Perry County TN in 1850, 1860 and 1880 (Ref. 130 132) and had 8 children:

237. i Mary C. Flowers b ca 1850
238. ii Martha R. Flowers b ca 1852
239. iii Frances M. Flowers b ca 1854. (This may be the F.
M. "Bud" Flowers mentioned in Hickman County
Obituaries, died 25 Jul 1888, Ref. 133.)
240. iv Gerome B. Flowers b ca 1856
241. v Louisa Flowers b ca 1858
242. vi Sarah Flowers b ca 1860
243. vii Permelia Flowers b ca 1868
244. viii John Flowers b ca 1870

60. Robert Dickson Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 14 Feb 1823 in TN. Robert was living at home with his father in 1850 (Ref. 72), but by 1860 he had married Ellen C. Easley, who was born ca 1841. She was called Nellie by Mary Levisa and was a niece of Elizabeth Easley, who married William Carroll Flowers (Ref. 2).

They lived in Hickman County TN in 1860, 1870, and 1880 (Ref. 134 136) and had 8 children as of 1880:
245. i Thomas G. Flowers b ca 1859
246. ii Robert Andrew Flowers b ca 1864
247. iii Clinton (Clint) Flowers b 29 May 1865 in TN
248. iv Sarah Flowers b ca 1868
249. v Edward Flowers b May 1870 in TN
250. vi Martial C. Flowers b ca 1871
251. vii Josie Flowers b ca 1873
252. viii Bell Flowers b ca 1878

61. David Douglas Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 16 Feb 1825 in TN (Ref. 2).

In 1850 he was still at home with his father (Ref. 72), but by 1860 (Ref. 137) he had married Mary Curl, a daughter of Jarrett Curl and Sallie Jacobs, and a sister of Louisa Curl who married Valentine Flippin Flowers. Mary was born 29 Jan 1840 at Vernon TN.

Dr. David D. Flowers studied medicine under his cousin Dr. John Douglas #75. After the death of his father, William Flippin Flowers, David purchased the old homestead and raised his family there. He had the stone house built over the cave spring, which is still in use. He was a Mason (Ref. 2).

Mary Levisa reported that they had 13 children, 8 of whom grew to maturity (Ref. 2). As they appeared in the censuses from 1860 to 1880 (Ref. 137, 138, and 112), and some of their infants were buried at the Flowers cemetery, names or birth dates can be assigned for 12.

David died 8 Oct 1887 near Whitfield in Hickman County TN, and Mary died 29 Mar 1906 in Dickson County TN. Both were buried at the Flowers Cemetery at the homestead near Coble (Ref. 65). David's obituary appeared in the Centerville newspaper (Ref. 139)

The known children of David and Mary were:

253. i Anna Louisa Flowers b 2 Dec 1856
254. ii Mary Levisa Flowers b 11 Dec 1858
255. iii Beauford Flowers b 23 Dec 1861,d 3 Sept 1863,
buried at the Flowers Cemetery (Ref. 65)
256. iv Samuel David Flowers b 4 Feb 1864. A Mason and a
merchant at Coble TN. He was killed by a hit and
run auto on 9 Nov 1930 at Nashville TN (Ref. 2)
257. v Jarred Curl Flowers b 15 Apr 1867
258. vi Thomas E. Flowers b 22 Jun 1868, d Nov 1869, buried
at the Flowers cemetery (Ref. 65)
259. vii William Valentine Flowers b 1 Apr 1870. An
attorney, he was elected to the TN legislature in
1895 from Hickman County. He was also a talented
violinist. He married Calista Cummings, widow
Cooney, who died at Nashville in Feb 1930. They
had no children. William replaced the tombstone of
Valentine Flowers in Jan 1931 (Ref. 2).
260. viii George A Flowers b Oct 1872. d Mar 1873, buried
at the Flowers cemetery (Ref 65)
261. ix Polk Hawkins Flowers b Sept 1875
262. x Sarah Elvira Flowers b Nov 1878
263. xi May Flowers b Sept 1881
264. xii Flowers b Sept 1881, twin of May, died young

62. James Morgan Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 11 Oct 1826 (Ref. 2).

He married Sarah Hungerford, who was born 15 Jan 1833 and died 13 Mar 1885 (Ref 140). Both are buried in the old Flowers cemetery (Ref. 65). They lived at the former home of Valentine Flowers, west of the old Flowers homestead built by William Flippin Flowers (Ref. 2), and they appeared in the censuses of 1850 1880 in Hickman County TN (Ref. 141 144). They had 6 ch:

265. i William (Billy) C. Flowers b ca 1849. He married Victoria Fowlkes #272 and they lived at Iron Hill in Dickson County TN (Ref. 2)
266. ii Cornelia (aka Permelia, Sissy) Elizabeth Flowers b ca 1852 and married James Monroe Gilmore (Ref. 2)
267. iii James Matt Flowers (called John Matt by Mary Levisa) born ca 1854
268. iv Martha (Mattie) L. Flowers b 28 Jan 1858 (Ref. 14 Vol II page 139)
269. v Addison (Adam) M. Flowers b June 1862
270. vi Alonzo Douglas Flowers b ca 1864

63. Nancy Adeline Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 29 Mar 1829.

She married 1st Young Mayberry, who was a son of Delphia Curl Mayberry and a nephew of Jarrett Curl. Nancy and Young Mayberry were divorced and apparently had no children.

Nancy married 2nd James H. Fowlkes. James and his brother Gabe Fowlkes had a store at the old Flowers homestead, which burned about 1882 1884 while the Rev. Fletcher and Mary Levisa (Flowers) Lackey lived there (Ref. 2). Nancy and James had 7 ch (Ref. 2) including two as of the 1860 census of Hickman County (Ref. 145). They later moved to Dickson County (Ref. 2):

271. i Martha Jane Fowlkes b ca 1853, m Will Dowden
272. ii Victoria P. Fowlkes b ca 1854 m Billy Flowers #265, son of James Morgan Flowers (Ref. 2), q.v.
273. iii Mary E. Fowlkes b ca 1856, m Lunn (Ref. 2)
274. iv Alice F. Fowlkes, b ca 1859, probably died young as she was not mentioned by Ref. 2 with the other children in this family
275. v Gabe Fowlkes, named for his uncle
276. vi Will Fowlkes
277. vii Emma Fowlkes

64. Rev. Gideon Bigelow Flowers (William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 1 Sept 1830 and died 18 Oct 1890 (Ref. 68). In 1850 he was living at home with his father (Ref. 72)

He married 1st Sarah A. Rhodes who was born 16 Jun 1825 and died Aug 1859 (Ref. 68). They had 3 children, born before 1860, when they were listed in the census in the family of William Flippin Flowers (Ref. 68 and 73):

278. i Dr. John William Flowers b 22 Mar 1854 at Whitfield TN, died 23 Mar 1888 and was buried at Lobelville TN (Ref. 68)
279. ii James David Flowers, called Dee. born 24 Feb 1856
at Whitfield TN
280. iii Leander Valentine Flowers, called uncle Shoot, b 13 Mar 1858

Gideon married 2nd Mary Eva Johnston on 19 May 1860, she was a niece of Sarah Rhodes. They had 8 children (Ref. 68, 146, and 147):

281. v Tebitha Eveline Flowers b 16 Aug 1861, d 1 Apr 1929 (Ref. 14 Vol II page 123). She married Beasley, as her gravestone calls her Eva Beasley.
282. vii Flowers, son born dead ca 1865
284. vii Alice Emergine Flowers b 5 Aug 1867 (Ref. 146)
285. viii Virginia (Jenny) Josephine Flowers b 25 Jul 1870
286. ix Carrie Lillie Flowers b ca 1873 (Ref. 147)
287. x Henry Whitfield Flowers, buried at Centerville TN,
died young, before 1880
288. xi Thomas C. Flowers b 16 Fob 1878, d 24 :1 1967 and
married Stella Stacey. Buried at Wyly cemetery in
Humphreys County TN (Ref. 147, age 2 in 1880
census, Ref. 14, Vol II page 275)

65. Elizabeth Flippin Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born 12 Jan 1807 in VA and died after the 1870 census, although reference 148 shows that she died 17 Nov 1866. She was married on 1 Nov 1825 to Levi McCollum who was born ca 1801 and died between 1860 and 1870 (Ref. 148). They had 6 ch (Ref. 77, 149, 150, and 151):

289. i William McCollum b ca 1826 1827
290. ii Mary J. McCollum b ca 1833 1834, m Jacob Meadows
291. iii Benjamin F. McCollum b ca 1838. As of 1870 he was a dry goods merchant. Frank married Helen Hughes.
292. iv Martha F. McCollum b ca 1840. Not married. As of 1909 the family Bible of Valentine Flowers belonged to either Martha or her brother Levi, at which time they lived in Texas (Ref. 2).
293. v Sarah McCollum b ca 1843. She married John Turner.
294. vi Levi McCollum Jr. was b ca 1846 1848. As of 1870 he was an apothecary. He married Elsie Malone.

66. Martha Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1809 1810 according to her age in later censuses. She married Ben Noland, who evidently died before 1850 (Ref. 77, 152). Martha died after 1870 (Ref. 153 and 154).

After her brother Tilford Forsee was killed at the Battle of Franklin on 30 Nov 1864, Martha went with Squire Travis Slayton and a Negro house boy named Big John to Franklin, where Billy Slayton, son of the Squire, showed them where Tilford was buried. Tilford’s body was exhumed and reburied in the Old Forsee Cemetery on Hurricane Creek, where his grave is next to that of Valentine Flowers (Ref. 14, Vol. II pg 293).

Martha and Ben Noland had 6 ch (Ref. 152 and 153):

295. i James Noland b ca 1830, died young
296. ii Stephen Noland b ca 1831
297. iii Mary Noland, b ca 1834, m Price as of 1860 cen.
298. iv Naomi jane Noland called Oma in 1860 census b ca 1834. She married Bill Simpson.
299. v Levi Noland born ca 1836. He died young. His full name was probably Levi McCollum Noland, as he was called "Mac."
300. vi Newton Noland b ca 1842, died young

67. Stephen P. Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1813. He was married on 31 Dec 1832 in Dickson County TN to Jiney (or Ginsie) Taylor, who was born ca 1815. As of 1850 they had 4 children, only one of who was still at home in 1860 (Ref. 75, 76, and 77):

301. i Jane Forsee b ca 1833
302. ii James T. Forsee b 6 Dec 1835
303. iii William Forsee b ca 1838
304. iv John Forsee b ca 1847 (Is this the John Forsee who kept family records, of Lead Hill, AR? Cf. Ref. 77)

69. Nancy Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1817. She married George Noland, b ca 1814 in TN and a brother of Ben Noland, husband of Martha Forsee. They lived in Humphreys County, TN as of 1850, 1860, and 1870 (Ref. 77, 155, 156, and 157) and had 6 ch:

305. i Mary Noland b ca 1836, m 1st Hugh Cannon, 2nd John Stoky
306. ii Daniel Noland b ca 1838
307. iii Naomi Jane Noland, called Oma, b ca 1839, married Ed Anderson (sic cf. her cousin #298, similar name)

308. iv Jessee Noland b ca 1841, m Lissa Taylor
309. v Sarah Noland b ca 1844, m Polk Harmon
310. vi Emanda Noland b ca 1847 (Found only in 1850 census)

70. James Daniel (James E. in cem. record) Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born 13 Nov 1818, died 6 Mar 1878. Buried in the Old Forsee Cemetery in Humphreys County TN. He was married in 1850 to Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" Jones who was born 29 May 1829, died 10 Aug 1901. In 1850 James was "high sheriff" of Humphreys Co. TN (Ref. 75). They had at least 6 ch (Ref. 14 Vol I page 60, 75, 76, and 77):

311. i Ellen M. Forsee b 16 Jul 1852, d 6 May 1895, buried in the Forsee Cemetery. She married William Johnson
312. ii A. A. (Lonzo) Forsee b 9 Mar 1854, d 12 Mar 1909, buried in the Forsee Cemetery
313. iii Sub Allen (called Subby, Subeth in 1860 census) Forsee, b 18 Feb 1856
314. iv James Elizabeth (sic) Forsee (female) b 11 Oct 1859
315. v Ida Lee Forsee b 6 April 1862 and died 28 Aug 1944. (Ref. 14 Vol I page 60, 182). She was consulted by Mary Levisa Flowers in 1909, at which time she had Valentine Flowers’ Revolutionary War sword (Ref. 2). Also in 1909 she responded to a query from Miss Susie Gentry, Secretary of the Tennessee Society NSDAR with a letter regarding Valentine Flowers (Ref. 15). Ida was not married. She lived at or near the Forsee Spring, on the north side of Hurricane Creek.
316. vi Amanda Forsee. Married J. R. Balthrop (Ref. 14)

73. Valentine F. Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1825 in TN. He married ca 1851 Amanda A. Jones, sister of Richard W. Jones. She was born ca 1832 1835. In 1850 Valentine was a schoolteacher (Ref. 75) and in 1870 he was a farmer, according to the censuses. He was a Corporal in the 10th Tennessee Cavalry CSA.
Valentine and Amanda had at least 2 ch (Ref. 76, 77, and 158):
317. i William Daniel Mortimer Forsee b ca 1852, according to the 1870 census. In the 1860 census he appears as Mortimer. He married Adelia E. Porch.
318. ii Tilford Benjamin Franklin Forsee, b ca 1862. He married Nora Bryant.

74. Amanda J. Forsee (Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1828 (Ref. 75), died 1905 said to be age 81 (Ref. 14 Vol I p 60, Ref. 77). She married Richard W. Jones, brother of Amanda A. Jones, the wife of Valentine Forsee. Richard was born ca 1825.

Amanda and Richard had at least 1 ch (Ref. 159):

319. i Sarah Jones b ca 1856, married Francis Marion Mullinik. In 1909 Mrs. F. M. Mullinik had an old teapot and a plain gold ring said to have come from Ireland (Ref. 2). Note the following burials in the Old Forsee Cemetery in Humphreys County TN:

Daniel W. Mulllnick b 18 Jul 1883 d 24 May 1927
Grace O’Dell Mullinick b 30 Jun 1890
Grady J. Mullinick b 15 Mar 1891 d 8 Nov 1891
These have not been traced but may later be found to be descendants or relatives of Sarah Jones Mullinik

80. James H. Flowers (William, Austin, Ralph) was born 18 Feb 1825 in Warren County KY. He was stated to be age 33 and a resident of Hickman County KY when he was married on 7 May 1857 in Marshall County KY to Magdalene Ann Johnston, age 17, daughter of Col. Alfred Johnston (Ref. 160). Birth records were kept in Marshall County prior to the Civil War, and so the births of the first three children were thus documented (Ref. 161).

James' second wife was Emma Johnston, daughter of William Johnston, presumably the Celia E. in the 1880 census (Ref. 162).

James was a farmer and magistrate of Palma Precinct, Marshall County KY and was said to be the third of 12 children of William Flowers and Sarah Owens and a grandson of the Rev. Austin Flowers. James had 14 ch (Ref. 33, 161, 162):

320. i Mary A. Flowers b 22 Apr 1858, Palma, KY
321. ii James Reily Flowers b 20 May 1859, Palma, KY
322. iii William A. Flowers b 22 Jan 1861, Palma, KY
323. iv Ada G. Flowers b ca 1862 KY
324. v Hermina F.(or P.?) Flowers b ca 1864 KY
325. vi Isaac Lee Flowers b ca 1866 KY
326. vii Sarah (Sallie) J. (or G.?) Flowers b ca 1869 KY
327. viii Henry F. (or T.?) Flowers b ca 1871 KY
328. ix Mattie N. Flowers b ca 1873 KY
329. x John H. Flowers b ca 1874 KY
330. xi Laurinda May Flowers b ca 1877 KY
331. xii Samuel Yancey Flowers
332. xiii Edna Flowers
333. xiv Walker Flowers