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91. William F. Hughes (Lyda Flowers, William, Ralph) was b ca 1820 and married 15 Feb 1848 in Smith County TN to Sarah J. Chambers (Ref. 85), who was born ca 1825. He was an executor of the will of his father Tarltan Hughes (Ref. 83). As of 1860 he had a son and daughter (Ref. 82, 163):

334. i William Hughes b ca 1849 in TN
335. ii Mary A. Hughes b ca 1852 in TN

98. William Flowers McAlister (Drucilla Flowers, William, Ralph) was born 6 July 1817 and died 15 Sep 1856. He was married 22 Dec 1841 to Mary R. Turner. As of 1850 they had 3 children and lived in Smith County TN (Ref. 41, 164):

336. i Cornelia McAlister b ca 1844
337. ii Irinia McAlister b ca 1846
338. iii Mary McAlister b ca 1849

100. Sarah Banks McAlister (Drucilla Flowers, William, Ralph) was born 6 May 1821, died 13 Feb 1864. She was married 25 Dee 1841 to E. L. Payne. They were the grandparents of Lewis C. Payne. In 1860 they lived in Sumner County TN and had 8 ah (Ref. 41, 165):

339. i William G. Payne b ca 1843
340. ii Edwin S. Payne b ca 1845
341. iii Thomas K. Payne b ca 1846
342. iv Lavinia A. Payne b ca 1848
343. v Darthuly R. Payne b ca 1850
344. vi Saunders M. Payne b ca 1851
345. vii Lucillia Payne b ca 1853
346. viii Sarah E. Payne b ca 1855

108. William Pitts Flowers (William L., William, Ralph) was born 5 Apr 1838 and died 17 Mar 1892, buried at Covington, TN. He was married 8 May 1871 to Mary Emma Cummins, daughter of Rev. David Hayes Cummins of Covington, TN (Ref. 41, 87, 88).

They had 6 children:

347. i William Hayes Flowers b 10 Feb 1872, d 6 Jan 1930 m in Jun 1900 to Adelia Rawlings
348. ii Henry Cummins Flowers b 5 Jan 1874, d 2 Aug 1929 m 5 Nov 1903 to Caroline Louise Walker
349. iii Alan Estis Flowers b 4 Oct 1876, m 29 Jun 1907 to Ida Vander Grift. Alan was the subject of the article in Burkes. 3 ch
350. iv Mary Greenwood Flowers b 23 Apr 1879
351. v Eunice White Flowers b 6 Jun 1881
352. vi Eleanor Holmes Flowers b 26 Dee 1883

110. Mary Eliza Flowers (William L. William, Ralph) born ca 1833 in TN and married on 11 Apr 1850 in Madison County TN to C. B. (Claudius?) Hall. Son mentioned in her father s will (Ref. 41):

353. i Alex Gracy Hall

112. John Henry Flowers (Rolfe K., William, Ralph) was born 20 Jul 1820, died 10 May 1894 in Lauderdale County TN. He married Rebecca Hannah Rice who was born 19 Jun 1838 and died 11 Oct 1911, buried at Durhamville, TN. They had 6 ch as of 1880 (Ref. 87, 166 Ref. 166 lists Eliza Anderson, age 20 as "sister"; she is presumed to be a sister of Rebecca):

354. i John Rolfe Flowers b 31 Jul 1861, d 1 Jul 1904 and
buried in the Flowers lot at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN
355. ii Lillie Flowers b 27 Sept 1862 (ca 1864)
356. iii Mary E. Flowers b 1 May 1865
357. iv William H. Flowers b ca 1871
358. v Charles David Flowers b 4 Apr 1873, d 29 Apr 1953.
Married on 14 Apr 1894 to Grace who d 29 Apr 1953
359. vi Sancho Flowers b ca 1875

113. Andrew L. Flowers (David P., William, Ralph) was born ca 1829 in TN and died 3 Jul 1874 in Grundy County MO, buried in Speer Cemetery, Franklin Township, Grundy County. Although he is not found in the 1850 census (cf. Ref. 94), there are places for Andrew in the family of David P. Flowers in the 1830 census (Ref. 92) and 1840 census (Ref. 93), as the eldest son of David P. Flowers, and Andrew appears near David in the 1860 and 1870 censuses (Ref. 167, 168). Also, his children had an "Uncle Dane" who turns out to be William Duane Flowers #117 who moved to Montana (Ref. 91).

Another resident of Grundy County MO in 1870 was a Valentine Flowers b ca 1830 in KY (Ref. 168), who was a recent arrival from IL. He is listed in case he later turns out to be a son of Austin # 3 or James # 6.

Andrew was married on 10 Feb 1857 in Grundy County MO to Eliza A. Cochran, daughter of William Cochran (Ref. 169). She was born 19 Aug 1838 in Grundy County and died 24 Jan 1925 in Hoquiam County WA where she was buried at Ocasta, WA (Ref. 91).

They had 9 ch (Ref. 91, 167, 168):

360. i Elizabeth Flowers b 1858 in MO
361. ii Howard Dickson Flowers b Nov 1859, Grundy County, MO
362. iii Meama Flowers b Jul 1861, d 16 Sep 1861, MO
363. iv Isaac D. Flowers b 1862, d 18 Sept 1872, Grundy County, MO
364. v Christopher C. Flowers b 13 Aug 1865 in MO
365. vi Herman Flowers b Jun 1868 in MO
366. vii Minnie Flowers b 1870 in MO
367. viii Harvey Flowers b 1872 in MO
368. ix Mae Bell Flowers b 1874 in MO, married Adolf Ponischil

117. William Duane Flowers (David P., William, Ralph), "uncle Dane" to the children of Andrew L. Flowers, was born in Oct 1837 in TN and died ca 1916 in Montana. He married Mary (Mollie) E. who was born in Mar 1854 in LA. In Montana he was a miner. They had at least 5 ch (Ref. 91, 170, 171):

369. i John P. Flowers b Jun 1874 in MT
370. ii Estella M. Flowers b Jun 1876 in MT
371. iii William A. Flowers b Jul 1877 in MT
372. iv Blanche A. Flowers b Feb 1879 in MT
373. v Arabella Flowers b Jan 1882

123. Martha L. Allen (Lucy W. Flowers, William, Ralph) was born in White County TN ca 1826. She was married in 1847 to John A. Fuson who was born ca 1815 in Champaign County OH, the son of James Fuson (1792 1863) and Martha (Sneed) Fuson (1795 1885) of Patrick County VA. John is buried at Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Liberty TN. They had 11 children, "8 surviving" listed as (Ref. 41, 172):

374. i James Fuson
375. ii Lucy Jane Fuson m Charles McCaverly of WV
376. iii John A. Fuson
377. iv Elizabeth Fuson m Isaac N. Fite
378. v George M. Fuson
379. vi William Francis Fuson
380. vii Josephine Fuson m Charles William
381. viii Joseph Benjamin Fuson
382. ix -Fuson
383. x -Fuson
384. xi -Fuson

136. Benjamin Dillard Hardwick, called Dillard, (Jonathan P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 22 Sept 1815 and died 29 Jun 1887. When Dillard was married in Choctaw County AL on 21 Jul 1837 to Mary E. Boykin "of Mississippi," he was a resident of Charlotte, TN, and the notice ran in both the "Nashville Republican" and the "Nashville Banner and Nashville Whig" (Ref. 173, 174).

Mary E. Boykin was born 2 Nov 1823 in Dallas County AL and died 17 Jul 1878. Both were buried at Tokalon Cemetery at Dublin, Johnson County AR (Ref. 174).

According to the History of Johnson County Arkansas, the Hardwick family was said to be the wealthiest on the south side of the Arkansas River, as Col. D. Hardwick had scores of Negroes and his lands lay stretching away up and down the river (Ref. 175, 176).

As previously noted, Dillard sold 2700 acres of land in Dickson County TN to his father Jonathan P. Hardwick in 1835 (Ref. 23).

He was mentioned as Benjamin D. Hardwick in the will of his maternal grandfather, Joseph Dillard of VA on 21 Jan 1831, along with his mothers other three children (Ref. 54).

There was a lawsuit in Dickson County TN in 1846 (Jonathan P. Hardwick vs Dillard Hardwick) following the death of John J. Hardwick #135, apparently over the distribution of the property of John, which was extensive. The records include several deputations providing documentation of relationships in this family (Ref. 98).

In 1850 Dillard Hardwick is listed in both Yalobusha County MS (Ref. 99) and Jackson County MS (Ref. 177), indicating that he owned property in both places. As of 1860 they were in Johnson County AR with 8 ch (Ref. 178) but had 14 altogether including 7 sons and 7 daughters (Ref. 175):

335. i Amanda/Martha Hardwick b ca 1839 in MS
336 ii Virginia Hardwick b ca 1842
387. iii Alice Hardwick b ca 1843
388. iv Mortimer Hardwick b ca 1845 in MS
389. v Dillard Douglas Hardwick b ca 1847 in MS
390. vi Mary W. Hardwick b ca 1850 in MS
391. vii William D. Hardwick b ca 1853 in AR (?)
392. viii Laura J. Hardwick b ca 1854 in AR
393. ix John James Hardwick (II) b ca 1857 in AR
394. x Thomas J. Hardwick b ca 1858 in AR
395. xi Lillian Hardwick b ca 1859 in AR
396. xii Hardwick
397. xiii Hardwick
398. xiv Hardwick

137. Elizabeth J. Hardwick (Jonathan P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1817 in Buckingham County VA and died ca Jan 1854. She was married ca 1838 to Thomas J. Kelly, who in 1843 was clerk of Dickson County TN. They moved to Columbia TN ca 1844. One son (Ref. 54):

399. i T. B. Kelly b ca 1852 at Columbia, Maury County TN. He was later a professor and president of Pure Fountain College at Smithville

144. John Benjamin Hardwick (Samuel P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 9 Aug 1830 in Buckingham County VA.

He was married on 6 Nov 1855 to Martha Jane Dews, widow Holland. She was age 25 and so born ca 1830. She was the daughter of William and Nancy (Ellington) Dews, and the widow of Dr. William Holland. Martha and Dr. Holland had four children, all died young, but Dr. Holland, a widower, had four children by a previous marriage that was raised by John B. Hardwick (Ref. 174).

John B. Hardwicke was named after his grandfather Benjamin Hardwick, who was a Baptist preacher, and John was the author of his grandfather's biography in Taylors Virginia Baptist Ministers, Series 1, pp 384 6 (Ref. 49).

John B. Hardwicke became a member of the Baptist church in 1842, and he was ordained as a minister in 1852 at the Enon church. He at once became prominent among the young ministers of Campbell County VA. In 1853 he accepted a call to Greenfield VA, where he remained for seven years. His special mission seems to have been to rescue churches from the anti mission influence (Ref. 179).

8 ch (Ref. 174):

400. i Andrew Fuller Hardwick b 3 Aug 1856
401. ii Samuel Poindexter Hardwick b 18 Oct 1858
402. iii Anna McLaughlin Hardwick b 7 May 1861 at St. Petersburg VA
403. iv Leola Hardwick b 21 Dee 1863 and d age 6 1/2 mos
404. v John Benjamin Hardwick, Jr. b 6 Sep 1865 at Fayetteville
405. vi Martha Dews Hardwicke b 22 Sep 1868 d age 10 mos
406. vii Sallie Holmes Hardwicke b 7 Sep 1870
407. viii Able Sinnat or Sinnette Hardwicke b 16 Jan 1873

159. Joice P. Durham (Nancy C. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 6 Jan 1832 in TN and died after 1886 in Red River County TX.

She was married 13 Nov 1856 (or 2 Dec 1856) in Johnson County AR to Albert Thompson. Between 1860 and 1866 they moved to Red River County TX. Albert was born 3 Nov 1831 in TN and died 16 Apr 1886 at Halesboro, TX. They had 7 ch, of whom 4 are known (Ref. 54, 180, 181):

408. i Charley Thompson b ca 1858 in AR
409. ii Lucy Patterson Thompson b 19 Mar 1860 in AR.
410. iii Willie Thompson b ca 1864 in AR
411. iv Thebo Thompson b ca 1866 in TX
412. v Thompson
413. vi Thompson
414. vii Thompson

164. Emily Durham (Nancy C. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1850 in AR. She was married to John Bloodsworth who was born ca 1845 in TX.

In 1870 (Ref. 182) the household included Nancy b ca 1856 and Ferdinand b ca 1858. These two are referred to as the "Coleman orphans" (Ref. 54, 174), who may be the orphans of an unknown older sister of Emily (but no connection suspected to Daniel Coleman, cf. John James Hardwick, #132).

Emily and Johny had at least one ch by 1870 (Ref. 54, 175, 183):

415. i Puss Bloodsworth b ca 1869 in TX

180. James P. Doss (Jonathan Doss, Mary Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1833. He married Julia Ann , who was born ca 1841. In 1860 they were in Dekalb County TN (Ref. 104) with his mother Priscilla and his sister Dorthula living with him.

James and Julia had 2 ch as of 1860 (Ref. 103, 104):

416. i Ellie Doss b ca 1859

417. ii "Babe" Doss (female, age 1 mo. at time of census)

182. Monroe Flowers Doss (Jonathan Doss, Mary Flowers, Ralph) was born 10 May 1837 in DeKalb County TN. He married Mary Elizabeth Botts, who was born 23 Jun 1840 in TN (Ref. 103). They had 6 ch as of 1880:

418. i Jesse Doss b ca 1866
419. ii Amy Doss b ca 1868
420. iii Robert Doss b ca 1870
421. iv Claude Doss b ca 1871
422. v Nellie Doss b ca 1877
423. vi Sally Doss b ca 1879

185. William Franklin Terry (Mariah Doss, Mary Flowers, Ralph) was born 15 Jun 1825 in Smith Co., TN, d 26 Sep 1863 in Chicamauga, GA. He married Harriet Caroline Turner, who was born 28 Jun 1830 and died on 12 Jan 1894 in Brush Creek, Smith Co., TN on 18 Jul 1850 in Smith Co., TN. They had 6 ch:

1085 i James Wilson Terry b 03 Mar 1853, d 04 Jul 1853
1086 ii Thomas Edward Terry b 01 Apr 1854, d 28 Jul 1928 Temperance Hall, TN, USA
1087 iii Martha Caroline Terry b 26 May 1856, d 03 Oct 1908 Wildcat Hollow, Dekalb, TN, USA
1088 iv Mary Jane Terry b 03 Sep 1857, d 14 May 1914
1089 v Hulda Terry b 09 May 1859, d 08 Jul 1930 Sykes, TN, USA
1090 vi Elizabeth Ann Terry b 04 Mar 1863, d 25 Feb 1947 R.D. Hayes farm, Lancaster, TN

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