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190. William H. “Bill” Williams (Elizabeth Ann Flowers, William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1826. He married Martha Murphree #213 (Ref. 14 Vol. II p 277), (although Mary Levisa Ref. 2 says she was Sophronia Murphree.) William and Martha Had at least one son:

424. i Henry Alfred Williams, b 10 Jan 1871, d 25 Nov 1967, married Kitty Pearl Baker (Ref. 14 Vol. II p 277)

211. Martha Loftin (Martha B. Flowers, William F., Valentine, Ralph) married Watson and had 4 ch (Ref. 2):

425. i Ella Watson
426. ii Will Watson
427. iii John Watson
428. iv Cora Watson, lived at Nashville TN, Not married

218. Abram Murphrey (Naomi L. Flowers, William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1852. Married Susan Porch, at least one son:

429. i Allen Murphry b 22 Sept 1880, d 14 Jul 1956, married Bertie Mae . Allen was buried at the Bakerville Cemetery (Ref. 14 Vol. II p 203)

222. James C. Burchard (Sarah Price Flowers, William F., Valentine, Ralph) twin of Anna was born ca 1848. He married Mary Murphry, who was a niece of William B. "Nenson" Murphry who was the husband of Naomi L. Flowers #55. James had at least 4 ch recalled by Myrtle Levisa (Ref. 2); there may have been others:

430. i Annie Elizabeth Burchard b 7 Jan 1883 (Ref. 14 Vol I page 56)
431. ii Sarah Lee Burchard born 1885 (Ref. 14 Vol I page 56)
432. iii Maymie Burchard
433. iv Charlie Burchard

225. Martha Matilda Flowers (Valentine F., William F., Valentine, Ralph) called Mattie was born 21 May 1847 in Hickman County TN and died 19 Jun 1923 in Hickman County at or near the home of her daughter Willie Mat (Ref 129, 183).
She married Dr. William Lafayette Walker ca 1867. Dr. Walker rode his horse from Hickman County TN to Graves County KY, and after they were married, she rode behind him back to Hickman County (Ref 122).
Dr. William Lafayette Walker was born 25 Sept 1846, died 25 Jun 1920. Both Martha and Dr. Walker were buried at the Walker Cemetery in Hickman County (Ref. 129).
Billy Walker was age 16 at home at the Walker farm on Duck River during the Civil War when one of the family Negroes happened to be in Dickson and learned that a Union patrol was being sent to arrest Billy on suspicion of being a Confederate spy. The Negro ran all of the way to Duck River, about 26 miles, by the back roads to warn Billy, who swam across Duck River and was just going into the woods on the hilltop across the river when the Union patrol rode into the farmyard looking for him. Billy then joined the Confederate army (ref. 184)

Dr. William L. Walker studied medicine under Dr. David D. Flowers #61. William was the brother of David Nathaniel Walker who married Anna Louisa Flowers; the other Walker brothers and sisters in this family were John T. Walker, James B. Walker, Hannah Walker Murphy, and Mattie Walker Barnwel1. They were the children of James Walker and his wife, who was a dau. of John Cooper, hence they were cousins of Jennie Cooper who married James David Flowers #279 (Ref. 2).

Martha was noted for a fair complexion and even disposition (Ref. 183).

Martha and Dr. Walker had 12 ch (Ref. 122, 185):

434. i Infant Walker, born and died 18 Aug 1870, bur. In the Walker Cemetery in Hickman County TN
435. ii John Oliver Walker, b ca 1871, lived in AL
436. iii Mary Louisa Walker, b ca 1873, lived in Nashville
437. iv James David Walker, b ca 20 Sep 1874, d 30 Jun 1897, buried in the Walker Cemetery
438. v Paul Valentine Walker b May 1876
439. vi William Jefferson Walker b 19 Feb 1878, d 1 Aug 1878 and buried in the Walker Cemetery
440. vii Thomas Edison Walker b 10 May 1879, d 20 Oct 1899 and buried in the Walker Cemetery
440. vii 441. viii Mabel Emeline Walker b Jun 1880
442. ix Anna Lois Walker b Dec 1881
443. x Robert Nathaniel Walker b Sept 1883, d 4 Jun 1945 at Memphis TN
444. xi Willie Mat walker, b Jul 1887
445. xii Jennie Edwards Walker b 9 Jun 1892

226. William Jarrett Flowers (Valentine F., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 24 Aug (Ref 186) 1848 (Ref. 120 age 2 in 1850) near Coble TN.

William Jarrett Flowers was named for his grandfathers, William F. Flowers and Jarrett Curl.

William Jarrett was age 12 going on 13 when he moved with his father's family to Graves County KY ca Feb 1861. At age 16 he joined the Confederate Army, later reporting service in the 3rd Kentucky Cavalry and in Company A 12th Kentucky Cavalry (Ref. 187, 188). He appears to have joined the army during the "reign of terror" in Graves County (Ref. 189). After the war and for the rest of his life, he carried a rifle ball in the lumbar region (Ref. 188).
He appears in a photograph taken when the first train arrived at Parkdale AR, which was in 1892 3 (Ref 190).
On 8 Sept 1897 he was married at Wilmot, Ashley County AR to Mary Angeline Hathaway aka Mollie (Ref. 191). She was born at Lacey, AR on 8 Dec 1874 (Cf. Ref. 186). She was a daughter of Cyrus H. Hathaway and Sena Bell. Cyrus H. Hathaway was a son of Cyrus Hathaway and Ann Wallace, and Sena Bell was a daughter of William Bell, a Baptist preacher, and Nancy Harrison, who were married in Pike County AL.

William J. Flowers had a varied career. He attended a business school in Evansville, IN (Ref. 187). He was at one time a bookkeeper for the Sunnyside Plantation in Chicot County, sold fruit trees for the Stark Co., including some to Volney Fuglaar on Beech Creek in 1912, and worked for the Ashley County road department, where according to A. H. Fuglaar, his suggestions for building bridges, etc. were generally followed. In 1916 he was pensioned by the State of Arkansas as a disabled Confederate veteran (Ref. 188). He liked to hunt and fish, and grew prize gardenias in his yard. In 1910 his occupation was reported as "tie hacker", which is the boss of a gang of "gandy dancers" who laid and aligned railroad track when the job was done manually.
He had considerable knowledge of his ancestry, as shown by the entries in the Arkansas veteran’s census of 1911 (Ref. 187). Besides the data given there, he is quoted as saying that his ancestral family lines included the Tilford and Randolph families. Randolph may have been on the Curl side, but Tilford appears to be a family connection on the Flowers side.
He was about 5 ft 4 in tall, with a fair complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes. He was ambidextrous, which was used to advantage in the military service and later.

To quote from his obituary:

"The subject of this sketch, William J. Flowers, was born at <Coble ed.> Tennessee on August 24, 1846 (sic); born in Tennessee but partly reared in Kentucky, but the greater part of his long life was spent in Ashley County, Arkansas, where he settled at or near Poplar Bluff <now known as Parkdale>, died at Crossett hospital at Crossett, Arkansas on December 6, 1924. He was the son of Valentine and Louisa Curl Flowers of Tennessee.
"He was a man of varied experiences in life, being at one time a deputy U. S. marshals...
"He was not married until late in life, to Miss Mollie Hathaway, on September 8, 1897. His widow still survives, with three children, Tilford, the eldest, Valentine, and Willie.
"He usually attended the Confederate veteran’s reunions in the county, being a member of Camp Norris, of Hamburg. He wore the Cross of Honor of the Confederacy. He enlisted in Kentucky, serving under Captain H. A. Tyler, 12th Kentucky Cavalry, Buford's brigade, Loring's division, Forrest's army."
His death was probably due to complications of his Civil War wounds.
His wife Mary aka Mollie received a Confederate widows pension from Arkansas after his death. Mollie later lived at Hughes AR and died at the home of Willie in Cheneyville LA on 16 Nov 1958. Both William J. and Mollie were buried at Snyder AR.

William and Mollie had 4 ch, three surviving to maturity (Ref. 186, 194. 195):

446. i Immature son Flowers, born and died 3 Jul 1898
447. ii Tilford Bell Flowers b 4 Feb 1900 in Ashley County AR
448. iii Cyrus Valentine Flowers, b 10 Jun 1903 at Wilmot, Ashley County AR
449. iv Willie Curl Flowers, b 16 Aug 1905 in Ashley County AR

227. Sarah Jane Flowers (Valentine F., William F., Valentine, Ralph) called Sallie was born 14 Jun 1854 in Hickman County TN (Ref. 196).
She was a schoolteacher as of 1880 (Ref. 124), and was listed as single in the Mt. Carmel KY Sabbath school records in 1884 (Ref. 197).

She was married to Linmo "Linn" Scarboro and lived at Milburn KY (Ref. 198). This marriage was probably before October 1886, as Robert E.L. Flowers took advantage of Scarboro's library (Ref. 199).
Sarah and Linmo Scarboro had one daughter, whose name is not known (Ref. 198):
450. i Scarboro (female)

Linmo Scarboro died and Sarah married 2nd Joe C. Dunn. They had no children and lived at Melber KY (Ref. 198, 200). Joe Dunn was born 24 Jul 1849, died 8 Feb 1943, and was buried at Lowes Cemetery (Ref. 196).
Joe Dunn was previously married to Amanda , who died 28 Dec 1893 and was buried at Lowes Cemetery. Joe Dunn had at least four children by this previous marriage: (1) daughter Effie C. Dunn b 31 Jul 1871, d 22 Jul 1884 (Ref. 196), (2) Ellis M. Dunn b Jan 1883, a pharmacist, (3) Flavous Dunn, a doctor, and (4) Ora Dunn, who married Jewell and had one daughter, Vadis Jewell who married Otey and lived at Melber, KY (Ref. 196, 198).

On 24 Oct 1918 Sarah's sister Mary Elvira wrote a letter to her brothers Robert and Jeff: "Well, dear brothers, I will impart to you the very sad news of the death of our sister Sallie Dunn. She passed away peaceful and a smile on her face. You could look on her face and know she saw a happy future" (Ref. 199). Sallie died 24 Oct 1918 in KY and was buried at Lowes Cemetery in Graves County (Ref. 196). Joe Dunn visited Robert E.L. Flowers in AR when Eva Lee was young (Ref. 199).
As of 1982 Sarah’s home at Milburn KY and also the one at Melber KY were still in use (Ref. 198).

228. Mary Elvira Flowers (Valentine F., William F., Valentine, Ralph) called Mollie was born 15 Feb 1857 in Hickman County TN, died 26 Jul 1942 (Ref. 201), and buried at Lowes Cemetery in Graves County KY (Ref. 196).
She was married on 1 Dee 1876 in Graves County KY (Ref. 198) to Thomas Jefferson Biggs, born 8 Dec 1854 in KY and died 17 Nov 1954, also buried at Lowes Cemetery. He was the son of James and Nancy (Hood) Biggs (Ref. 196). Mary and Thomas had 13 ch (Ref. 196, 198, 200). Eva Lee Flowers Holland had a sing song verse to remember those who grew to maturity:

"Billy, Nannie, Sallie, Stella,
Ruby, Jessie, John,
Fred, Ross and Mary."

451. i Jimmy Biggs, b ca 1876, died in infancy
452. ii William Walker (Billy) Biggs b 20 Jul 1878 (Ref. 196, 200. Ref 198 gave 1877)
453. iii Nannie L. Biggs b 29 Jan 1880
454. iv Sallie Biggs b 26 Dec 1881 (Ref 196. 200) or 1884 (Ref. 198)
455. v Tommy Biggs b 1884, d 1885 (Ref. 196) or b/d 1882 (Ref. 198)
456. vi Estella (Stella) Biggs b 13 Oct 1885 (Ref. 200) or 1886 (Ref. 198)

457. vii Rubye Biggs b 16 Jan 1887 (Ref. 200) or 1888 (Ref. 198)
458. viii Jessie Biggs (female) b 22 Apr 1890 (Ref. 198, 200). She married Ocie Carter, no children. At age 92 in 1982 she was still driving her car around Graves County and picking her own fruit at U pick orchards (Ref. 198).
459. ix John Grady Biggs b 30 Apr 1892 (Ref. 198, 200)
460. x Fred Linmo Biggs b 2 May 1894 (Ref. 198, 200)
461. xi Flowers Biggs b 1897, d 1898, bur Lowes Cemetery (Ref. 196) or b 1896, d age 2 (Ref. 198)
462. xii Beauregard Ross Biggs b 26 May 1899 (Ref. 198, 200)
463. xiii Mary Elvira Biggs b 22 Nov 1902, d 2 Feb 1977 (Ref. 196, 198) also called Lee. She was invalided by polio. Not married. (Ref. 198).

229. Jefferson Davis Flowers (Valentine F., William F., Valentine, Ralph) called Jeff was born 23 Aug 1861 in Graves County KY and died 5 Nov 1935 in Cleburne County AR of colon cancer (ref. death certificate, state of AR). He was buried at Mount Olive Cemetery near Heber Springs AR (Ref. 202).
He left home at age 17 and was living away from home in 1880 (Ref. 124). He came to Arkansas in 1886 “in an ox wagon" and settled near his father. He liked to hunt, took good care of his rifle, and had a hunting dog named Old Red. He was married three times and had a total of 14 children (Ref. 203, 204, 205, 206).
Jeff was married 1st on 8 May 1888 at Shiloh, AR to Sarah E. Poff, widow Saine (Ref. 207). She was born ca 1854 and had 3 children from her previous marriage (Ref. 203). She died on 1 May 1889 shortly after the birth of their one son:

464. i Henry Valentine Flowers b 1 May 1889

Jeff married 2nd Miss Martha McLehany on 12 Apr 1890 at Chalk, AR (Ref. 207). She was born ca 1867, died on 16 Oct 1898, two hours after the birth of Davis Flowers (Ref. 208). They had 5 ch:

465. ii Ruthie Flowers b 12 Feb 1891, d 16 May 1896, accidental death, head injury from a fall from a barn crib door
466. iii William Everett Flowers, b 25 Nov 1892, d 23 Jan 1909 from injuries when run over by a runaway team and wagon. Not married. (Ref. 203).
467. iv Myrtle Dee (aka Dila Myrtle) Flowers b 12 Jun 1894 (Ref. 203)
468. v Thomas Jefferson Flowers b 18 Jul 1896, d 22 Aug 1922 while serving in the US Navy in the Puget Sound area of WA. He visited his aunt Mary/Mollie Biggs and cousin Fred Linmo Biggs in Graves County KY (Ref. 198). Not married.
469. vi Davis Flowers b 16 Oct 1898

Jeff married 3rd Margaret A. Sandage on 20 Mar 1899. (Ref. 207). She was born 24 Nov 1878 and died 12 Jan 1955.

Margaret was a daughter of Moses A. and Elizabeth (Gillam) Sandage. Moses Sandage was born in Indiana ca 1854 and Elizabeth was born in TN ca 1852. Moses and Elizabeth were married in 1877 in Searcy County AR. Moses Sandage was a school teacher and Baptist preacher.

Jeff Flowers and Margaret had 8 ch (Ref. 203, 204, 205, 206, 209, 210, 211) :

470. vii Martha Flowers b 27 Dec 1899
471. viii Moses Flowers b 9 Nov 1901 at Snowball, Searcy County, AR
472. ix Lizzie Lou Flowers b 7 Feb 1904, d 23 Mar 1904
473. x Jarrett Curl Flowers b 7 Mar 1905, d 18 May 1980 at San Diego, CA
474. xi Ruby Flowers b 24 Aug 1907, d 28 May 2000 at Mountain Home, AR
475. xii Nathan Flowers b 8 Jan 1910
476. xiii Pauline Flowers b 10 Sept 1912 at Madelia, Cleburne County AR: Madelia was a former post office south of Higden AR
477. xiv Harrison Jewell Flowers b 9 Aug 1915

230. Robert Everett Lee Flowers (Valentine F., William F. Valentine, Ralph) was born 12 Mar 1865 "when the skies were gray and the somber smoke of the Civil War hung low over the Kentucky hills," in Graves County KY (Ref. 1), and died 4 Feb 1964 in Cleburne County AR (Ref. 202).
He received a well rounded education in the schools in the area of Graves County KY. As previously noted he moved with his parents and sister Anna to Cleburne County AR In the fall of 1886.
Robert taught school for 42 years. He was a Methodist and taught a Sunday school class for half a century. At age 60 he became a scoutmaster, thought to be the oldest in the country, when he organized troop 79, being acquainted with founder Daniel Beard himself. He had a good singing voice and sang solos in church even at an advanced age. He grafted and bred fruit trees, giving his daughter's names to the more successful results (Ref 199).
Robert helped to care for and partly raise Jeff's sons Henry V. and Davis, whose mothers died shortly after they were born (Ref. 199, 208).
Robert was married 1st to Lucy Anne Turney on 24 Feb 1896 (Ref. 207). She was born Mar 1877, died 10 Jun 1904, the daughter of William Allen and Elizabeth (Potter) Turney. They had 5 ch (Ref. 199, 203, 212):

478. i Gladys Flowers b 3 Jul 1897 at Quitman, AR
479. ii Mavis Flowers b 12 Oct 1898
480. iii Victor Flowers b 11 Jan 1900
481. iv Leola Flowers b 11 Feb 1902
482. v Sylva Flowers b 2 Feb 1904 at Quitman AR

Robert married 2nd Rachel Susan Jones, widow Bridges on 4 Sept 1905 (Ref. 207); they were divorced 25 Jun 1929.

Rachel was born on 6 Mar 1875 at Choctaw, Van Buren County AR, and died 31 Jul 1954. Her previous marriage was to E. Wilson Bridges, who was born 5 Aug 1874, died 23 Oct 1904. Rachel and E. W. Bridges had 5 children: (1) Gertrude (Gurdie) Bridges b 12 Jan 1895, (2) Essie May Bridges b 30 Dec 1896 or 30 Nov 1897, d 7 Nov 1899, (3) Holland Vernon Bridges b 8 Mar 1899, (4) Thomas E. Bridges b 30 Sept 1902, d 9 May 1904, and (5) Lucille Bridges, b 2 May 1903, d 19 Sept 1932 (Ref. 199, 214).
Robert and Rachel had 5 ch (Ref. 199, 203, 213, 214, 215):
483. vi Eva Lee Flowers b 29 Jan 1907
484. vii Clive Flowers b 1 Jan 1909
485. viii Floy Flowers b 30 Jun 1912, died age 6 weeks, buried at Quitman Cemtery, Quitman AR, unmarked grave
486. ix John Forrest Flowers b 21 Aug 1913
487. x Belva Flowers b 28 Jul 1917

231. Anna Price Flowers (Valentine F., William F. Valentine, Ralph) was born 23 Sept 1867 in Graves County KY and died 17 Aug 1952 at Batesville AR (Ref. 203).
She was married on 4 Oct 1888 to Saint A. Bradford (Ref. 207), called Saint. He was listed as Bennett Sant A. in the family Bible, Santa H. on the marriage record, and Saint A. in the 1900 census (Ref. 216) and on his gravestone. He was a son of Bennett and Mary Ann (Bishop) Bradford, and was "one of the numerous Bradford clan of that area."
Saint Bradford was born 17 Dec 1865 at Eglantine, AR and died 5 Jun 1944 at Shirley AR. Anna and Saint Bradford were both buried at the Settlement Cemetery at Shirley AR (Ref. 201, 203).
In Shirley AR Saint Bradford worked as a clerk at the Shirley Clinton mercantile company, and Anna for many years ran a hotel or boarding house. This was "more of a humanitarian effort on the part of Mrs. Bradford than a hotel" (Ref. 217).
"Grandma worked hard all her life, ran the boarding house at Shirley and then at Settlement for years. She was a real sweet person and a wonderful cook. She raised canaries and always had many cages of them." After Anna died her grandchildren compared notes, and "each recalled that he or she felt that they had been her favorite grandchild" (Ref. 201, 203). Anna was a small woman and Saint a rather large man.
Anna and Saint Bradford had 8 children, all born at Eglantine. AR (Ref. 199, 201, 203, 216):

488. i Talmadge Hillery Bradford b 29 Jun 1889
489. ii Homer Bradford b 13 Jun 1891
490. iii Roberta Bradford b 19 Aug 1894
491. iv Dean Bradford b 10 Jan 1897
492. v Hazel Bradford b 14 Jun 1901
493. vi Sibyl Bradford b ca 1903
494. vii Gussie Bradford
495. viii Lois Bradford called Jackie b 4 Jan 1909

244. John Flowers (John L., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1870 (Ref. 132) or June 1872 (Ref. 218). He married Julia , who was born in May 1875, and they had a son in 1900 (Ref. 218):

496. i Herbert Flowers b May 1900

247. Clinton Flowers (Robert D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 29 May 1865 in TN, died 29 Apr 1930, buried at Jenkins Cemetery in Hickman County TN (Ref. 14 Vol II p 126). He evidently married 1st Jennie Wright and 2nd Effie Goodman, who would appear to be the Jane in the 1900 census, when he had 7 children (Ref. 218):

497. i William Flowers b May 1886
498. ii Mattie Flowers b Jul 1887
499. iii Luke Flowers b 22 Oct 1889, d 20 Dec 1960, m on 14 Dec 1909 to Bessie Lee Holley. She was born Aug 1891 according to the 1900 census but 28 Mar 1897 according to Ref. 14. Luke was the son of Clint and Jennie Wright Flowers (Ref. 14 Vol II p 243)
500. iv Julia Flowers b Mar 1892
501. v Clint Oliver Flowers b 30 Aug 1896, d 11 Jan 1961 (or b Apr 1894 according to the 1900 census). Clint O. was the son of Clint and Effie Goodman Flowers (Ref. 14 Vol II p 253)
502. vi Cornell Flowers b Jan 1896
503. vii Sam Flowers b Feb 1898

249. Edward Flowers (Robert D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born May 1870 in TN. He married Dora who was born Mar 1880, and they had 2 ch as of the 1900 census of Hickman County TN (Ref. 218):

504. i Bessy Flowers b Apr 1897
505. ii Bertha Flowers b Aug 1899

253. Anna Louisa Flowers (David D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 12 Dec 1856 and died 6 Nov 1890 at Pulaski, TN. She married David Nathaniel Walker, brother of Dr. William Lafayette Walker who married Martha Matilda Flowers #225 (q.v.).
Anna and David N. lived a few years at Whitfield, TN, operating the store and post office. They later moved to Pulaski, TN. After Anna died the family moved to Union City, TN.

Anna and David had 6 ch (Ref. 2):

506. i John Walker
507. ii Douglas Walker
508. iii Emmaline Walker m Harris
509. iv Levisa Walker m Ben Howard
510. v Annie Walker m Herman Howard
511. vi Carrie Walker m