Gallery of a Flowers family genealogy:

Families of the fifth generation

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254. Mary Levisa Flowers (David D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 11 Dec 1858 at the old Flowers homestead built by her grandfather William Flippin Flowers. She lived past age 90. She was married on 12 Sept 1878 to Rev. John Fletcher Lackey of Clifton TN.

Mary Levisa collected family records over many years and corresponded with Robert E.L. Flowers and visited Ida Lee Forsee, among others (Ref. 1 and 2).

Mary Levisa and Rev. Lackey had 8 ch (Ref. 2):

512. i Mary Annie Lackey b 4 (from headstone in Flowers Cemetery, Ref 65) or 11 Nov 1879 (Ref. 2), d 10 or 14 Nov 1879 age 3 days
513. ii Lily Ethel Lackey b 21 Jan 1881 at Flowers homestead, d 6 Apr 1917 at Knoxville TN. Buried at the Old Gray Cemetery at Knoxville (Ref. 2).
514. iii Fletcher Curl Lackey b 8 Oct 1882 at home of his great grandfather Jarrett Curl near Vernon TN. Not married. He died 13 Oct 1931 at Chicago IL and was buried at Old Gray Cemetery at Knoxville TN (Ref. 2).

515. iv Douglas Walker Lackey b 4 Aug 1884 in Shelby County TN near Memphis
516. v John Stafford Lackey b 4 Dec 1886 at Kahoka, MO. He married 1st Glenna Evelyn Pierce of Burlington KS on 25 Mar 1916 at Durand WI; they were divorced in 1920. He married 2nd Rose Ricciardi of Yonkers NY in 1922 and they were separated in 1930 (Ref. 2).
517. vi Daisy May Lackey b 15 Sept 1888 at Kahoka, MO
518. vii Joe Pawley Lackey b 9 Mar 1890 at Danvers, IL
519. viii Myrtle Levisa Lackey b 7 Feb 1893 at Bethany, IL. Married on 12 May 1920 at Lakeland FL to Samuel Nott Kellum of Babylon, Long Island NY. Myrtle assembled and typed the family records collected by her mother, with additions of her own (Ref. 2)
257. Dr. Jarred Curl Flowers (David D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 15 Apr 1867 at the old Flowers homestead, died ca 1916 at Lyles, Hickman County TN. He carried on the medical practice of his father, Dr. David D. Flowers.
He married 1st Florence Stephenson of Hickman County TN, who died ca 1906 at Dickson. In 1900 his mother Mary Curl Flowers and his sister May Flowers were residing with his family (Ref. 218).

Jarred and Florence had 5 ch (Ref. 2, 218):

520. i Duncan Flowers b Apr 1896
521. ii Harry Flowers b Aug 1897
522. iii Aubrey Flowers
523. iv Herbert Flowers
524. v Louise Flowers

Dr. Jarred C. Flowers married 2nd Maggie Scruggs of Dickson,TN, she died at Lyles, TN in Feb 1930. They had 4 ch (Ref. 2):

525. vi Paul Flowers
526. vii J. C. Flowers
527. viii Daisy Flowers
528. ix Margaret Flowers

261. Polk Hawkins Flowers (David D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1875 at the Flowers homestead. He was a jeweler in Memphis TN. He married Betty Harris of Waverly TN and had 2 ch born after 1900 (Ref. 2, 218):

529 i Flowers (male)
530 ii Flowers (female)

262. Sarah Elvira Flowers (David D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born Nov 1878 at the Flowers homestead in Hickman County TN. She married Will Primm. They had 4 ch and were later divorced (Ref. 2):

531. i Florence Primm, married, lived at Nashville TN
532. ii John Primm, married, lived at Detroit MI
533. iii Will Primm, Jr., married; his widow later married John Primm
534. iv Louis Primm, married, lived at Nashville TN

Sarah married 2nd Welch and lived at Nashville in 1932; they had no ch.

263. May Flowers (David D., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born Sept 1881 at the Flowers homestead. She married Barry Stephenson of Hickman County TN, brother of Florence Stephenson who married Dr. Jarrett Curl Flowers. They lived at Fulton KY.

She had 8 sons. Four were recalled by Mary Levisa and Myrtle Levisa (Ref. 2):

535. i Glenn Stephenson
536. ii Wylie Stephenson
537. iii Charlie Stephenson
538. iv Stephenson (male)
539. v Stephenson (male)
540. vi Stephenson (male)
541. vii Stephenson (male)
542. viii Ralph Stephenson (youngest)

267. James M. Flowers (James M., William F., Valentine, Ralph) called John Matt by Mary Levisa (Ref. 2) was born ca 1854. In the 1880 census of Hickman County TN (Ref. 219) he had a wife Dora born ca 1858 and two daughters:

543. i Laura A. Flowers born ca 1876
544. ii Delora L. Flowers born ca 1878

268. Martha L. "Mattie" Flowers (James M., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 28 Jan 1858, died 2 Aug 1933. Married M. L. "Lem" Tate (Ref. 14 Vol II p 139). At least one son:

545. i John Thomas Tate b 26 Aug 1880, d 7 Aug 1954 and said to be buried on Lost Creek in the Tate Cemetery, the location of which is unknown (Ref. 14 Vol II p 216)

269. Addison (Adam) M. Flowers (James M., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born Jun 1862 in TN. He married Mary L. who was born Apr 1863. 5 ch as of 1900 census of Hickman County TN (Ref. 218):
546. i Walker E. Flowers b Sept 1886
547. ii Sarah P. Flowers b Dec 1888
548. iii George D. Flowers b Nov 1891
549. iv Addison B. Flowers b Sept 1894
550. v Lillie F. Flowers b Mar 1898

279. James David Flowers (Gideon B., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 24 Feb 1856 at Whitfield TN, died 3 Oct 1929 and was buried at Ships Bend near Centerville in Hickman County (Ref. 68).
He married Jennie Cooper, a cousin of William L. Walker et al. She was born 18 Aug 1861 and died in 1948 (Ref. 68).
James kept a notebook of family records which was passed on to daughter Ida (Ref. 68). James and Jennie had 4 children as of the 1900 census of Hickman County TN (Ref. 218):

551. i Marshall Jackson Flowers b 31 May 1881
552. ii Capt. Ed Brown Flowers b 29 May 1884 (Ref. 68) called “Erl” Flowers in 1900
census (Ref. 218)
553. iii Edwin Flowers b 20 Jul 1887 (Ref. 68) called “Arch” in the 1900 census (Ref. 218)
554. iv Ida Lillie Flowers called “Ida” b 7 Kept 1891. In June 1966, when she was a retired
registered nurse, she was visited by Jarrott V. Flowers and family, and Ida took them
on a tour of the old Flowers homestead and introduced them to other relatives,
including Annie Lou Flowers and a widow Brown, whose late husband's mother was
a Flowers. The widow Brown had a copy of Ref. 2, and loaned her typewriter
overnight so it could be copied: she would hardly let it out of her sight. Ida had a
notebook kept by her father, which was also copied (Ref. 68).

280. Leander Valentine Flowers (Gideon B., William F., Valentine, Ralph) called "uncle Shoot", was born 13 Mar 1858, near Whitfield TN and died 21 July 1943 (Ref. 68, 220).
Married Lula who was born 11 Jan 1868. They had 3 children (Ref. 68, 220):

555. i Grover Curl Flowers b 14 Sept 1889 at Sulphur Station Bowie County TX
556. ii Annie Lou Flowers b 3 Apr 1893 (Ref. 66) or in 1894 in the 1900 census. Born at Councils Bend near Centerville TN. In 1966 she resided at Centerville and provided birth dates in this family (viz Ref. 220)
557. iii Jim Dee Flowers b 17 Dec 1900

282. Dr. Dennis Whitman Flowers (Gideon B., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 5 Nov 1863, died 5 Sept 1924, buried at Little Lot Cemetery in Hickman County TN. A medical doctor. Married Mollie C. who was born 6 Dec 1864, died 16 Mar 1938 They had 3 children (Ref. 68, 218):

558. i Fannie Lee Flowers b Aug 1889, m J. T. Parsons, Pulaski TN
559. ii Oliva Flowers or Olivia b Dec 1890, m Tom Bratton, Jackson MS
560. iii Katherine Flowers b Jul 1896 called “Kate” m Jerome Harville, Fannin MS

284. Alice Emergine Flowers (Gideon B., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 5 Aug 1871. She married 1st J. W. Brownlee and 2nd Sam Coble, and had one child, but whether by Brownlee or Coble not reported (Ref. 68).

561. i Brownlee or Coble, died young

285. Virginia Josephine Flowers (Gideon B., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born 25 Jul 1870 and died 13 Oct 1925; she was buried at Nashville TN. She married an Abe Murphree (there was more than one; which one is not clear) and they had 5 children (Ref. 68):

562. i Grace Murphree
563. ii Guy Murphree, lived at Nashville
564. iii Helen Murphree, lived in Florida
565. iv Glen Murphree, lived at Nashville
566. v Abe Murphree Jr., died in CA

286. Carrie Lillie Flowers (Gideon B., William F., Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1873 in Hickman Co., TN and died ca 1895 in Lobelville, TN. In 1890 at Perry, TN, she married William Thomas Barnett born 1 Apr 1873 in Hattesburg, MS and died on 10 Oct 1936 in Rufe, OK (Ref. Bonnie (Barnett) Shivo) and died in a fire from an oil lamp when her baby was young. Williams’s parents are Augustus Barnett and Sarah Elizabeth Nix She had one son (Ref. 68):

567. i Augustus Paul Barnett, b Apr 1895

289. William McCollum (Elizabeth F. Forsee, Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) married Susanna (Susan) Turner, 10 ch as of 1870 census of Humphreys County TN (Ref. 77, 150, 221):

568. i Levi D. McCollum b ca 1851
569. ii Sarah McCollum b ca 1853
570. iii Carolina McCollum b ca 1855
571. iv Franklin P. McCollum b ca 1857
572. v Andrew J. McCollum b ca 1859
573. vi Emily McCollum b ca 1861
574. vii Georgia A. McCollum b ca 1862
575. viii James P. McCollum b ca 1863
576. ix Elizabeth McCollum b ca 1865
577. x William McCollum b ca 1869

296. Stephen Noland (Martha Forsee, Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born ca 1831. He married Adoline Higgins and they had a daughter as of the 1870 census (Ref. 77, 154):

578. i Mary E. Noland

302. James T. Forsee (Stephen P. Forsee, Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born 6 Dec 1835 at McEwen Humphreys County TN and died 10 or 12 May 1908. Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Lead Hill AR.
About 1899 1900 he moved to Lead Hill AR and later to OK. He was married three times and had 11 children (Ref. 77).
He married 1st Crockett, and they had 2 children (Ref. 77). If he was the James Forsee in the 1860 census of Humphreys County, age 24, then she was Elizabeth (Ref. 222):

579. i Henry Forsee b 3 Aug 1859 (Cf. Ref. 222 the child age 1 in the 1860 census in the family of James age 24 was Stephen)
580. ii Josephine Forsee b 4 Oct 1860

James married 2nd Scott; they had no children. He married 3rd Safrona Ann Killebrew, and they had 9
children (Ref.77)

581. iii Andrew Jackson Forsee b 28 Jan 1868 at Nashville, TN
582. iv Emily Victoria Forsee b 24 Aug 1869
583. v Thomas D. Forsee b 10 Mar 1871
584. vi Mary Lizy Bell Forsee b 14 Nov 1872
585. vii James David Forsee b 6 Sep 1874
586. viii William J. K. Forsee b 29 Sep 1876
587. ix Floyd Pinkney Forsee b 16 Jul 1880
588. x Lilly Leony Forsee b 13 Oct 1882
589. xi L. B. Forsee b 27 or 28 Apr 1886

313. Sub Allen Forsee, called Subby and Subeth (James D. Forsee, Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born 18 Feb 1856, died 21 Jun 1929 (Ref. 14 Vol I p 292 and Vol II p 124).
He married 1st Florence Price and 2nd Bettie Hudson who was born 11 Nov 1869, died 14 Sept 1942, daughter of James and Rebecca (Knight) Hudson (Ref. 14 Vol II p 174).
Subby and Bettie Hudson had at least one son and one daughter (Ref. 14, 77):

590. i Jim Hudson Forsee, b 17 Sept 1905, d 28 Jun 1966. He married Rosetta Buchanan. Buried at Young Cemetery, Tumbling Creek, Humphreys County TN(Ref. 14 Vol II p 271)
591. ii Pearl Lucille Forsee, b 12 Mar 1901 Hurricane Creek, TN, d 25 Feb 1970
1084. iii Alma Opal Forsee, b 27 Sep 1906?, d 1976 at Hurricane Creek, TN

314. James Elizabeth Forsee (sic female) (James D. Forsee, Naomi Flowers, Valentine, Ralph) was born 11 Oct 1859, died 13 Jul 1932. She married Amos Bird (sic). He was b 2 Nov 1858, and d 15 Mar 1924 (Ref. 14 Vol I p 60 and Vol II p 134).
At least one son:

592. i William Alonzo Byrd (sic) b 3 Aug 1881

Note: Relatives probably included Maurice Byrd and Landon Byrd. In June 1966 Ida Flowers suggested calling Mrs. Elizabeth Biggs of McEwen to determine if anyone knew the present owner of the sword of


Valentine Flowers. Mrs. Biggs in turn suggested calling Maurice or Landon Byrd. Maurice Byrd, who resided near Bakerville, was contacted. He had heard of this relic, and said that a woman from Nashville had asked about it recently, but he did not know its present whereabouts.

349. Alan Estis Flowers (William P., William L. William, Ralph) was born 4 Oct 1876, married 29 Jun 1907 to Ida Vander Grift. Two children reported (Ref. 41, 88):

593. i George S. Flowers b 20 May 1908
594. ii Nancy Holmes Flowers b 6 Jan 1913

355. Lillie Flowers (John H., Rolfe K., William, Ralph) was born 27 Sept 1862, died 17 Jul 1895. Married Henry S. Young and had one son (Ref. 41):

595. i Young

356. Mary E. Flowers (John H., Rolfe K., William, Ralph) was born 1 May 1865, died 22 Nov 1949, buried at Memphis TN (Ref. 41, 166).
She was listed as Mary E. in the 1580 census, in the family of John H. Flowers, but Mr. E.L. Payne gave her name as "Scrap Mae," which Marilyn W. Flowers concluded was a misreading of "Sarah Mae," from what record, not determined.
She married Dr. James Reuben Crutcher and had one son (Ref. 41)

596. i Maj. John Flowers Crutcher b 15 Dec 1890, d 12 Aug 1951 at Ripley TN. Married Mina Watson on 26 Feb 1930

361. Howard Dickson Flowers (Andrew L., David P., William, Ralph) was born Nov 1859 in Grundy County MO and died 2 Aug 1903 at Ocosta, WA. He married ca 1884 to Nannie Rollins, daughter of David and Sarah Matilda (Marrs) Rollins. Nannie was born 5 Dee 1869 at Tazewell, VA and died 26 Jun 1964 at Grays Harbor, WA.
Howard and Nannie had 2 ch (Ref. 91, 223):

597. i Mae Bell Flowers b 5 Oct 1886 at Bozeman, MT
598. ii Maude Flowers b 15 Feb 1890 at Bozeman, MT. She married William Long. Maude was
living as of Mar 1984 and providing data to Linda Caldwell.

Nannie later married Herman Flowers #365; they had no children. Still later she married Silas Richardson; they had two children.

364. Christopher C. Flowers (Andrew L., David P., William, Ralph) was born 13 Aug 1865 in MO. He married Mary L. who was born ca 1866 in IL. They had 2 ch as of 1900 (Ref. 91, 223):

599. i Herman R. Flowers b ca 1893 in WA
600. ii Rena B. Flowers b 1894 in WA

365. Herman Flowers (Andrew L. David P. William, Ralph) was born 17 Aug 1867 in MO and died 4 Jun 1953. He married Ada , who was born ca 1869 in WI, and he later married Nannie Rollins, widow of Howard Dickson Flowers.

Herman and Ada had a son (Ref. 91, 223):

601. i Earl Flowers b ca 1899 in WA

388. Mortimer Hardwick (B. Dillard Hardwick, Jonathan P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born ca 1845 in MS. He was a Lieutenant in the Confederate Army. He was married and had at least a son (Ref. 174, 176 p 126):

602. i Mort G. Hardwick

401. Samuel Poindexter Hardwick (John B. Hardwick, Samuel P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 18 Oct 1858 near Riceville Pittsylvania County, VA. He was known as “Dexter”, “S.P”., or “Uncle Deck”. He studied law in Bryan, TX, and went to Hillsboro TX in 1881. He was floor leader at several Democratic conventions, and he excelled as a lawyer. He died 20 May 1917 and was buried at the Masonic Cemetery with his wife and daughter M.C.

He married Miss M. C. Deter. She was born in 1864 and died in 1949. They had 3 ch (Ref. 174):

603. i (Miss) M.C. Hardwick, b 18 Dec 1888, d 15 Apr
1976. Married Joe Simmons, b 1869, d 1932
604. ii Steele P. Hardwick b 6 Mar 1890, d 8 Jul 1890
605. iii Deter Hardwick b 22 Jan 1881 (sic), d 19 Jan 1969.
Married Vi

402. Anna McLaughlin Hardwick (John B. Hardwick, Samuel P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 7 May 1861 at St. Petersburg, VA and died 4 Feb 1937.
The family had moved to Fayetteville NC to get away from the Civil War battles, but the Yankees came in due time. A lieu¬tenant became good friends with Anna, but one day she burst into inconsolable weeping, and the lieutenant finally elicited a wail ending "... you are a Yankee, and you can't go to heaven when you die."
Anna learned to read at age four, and changed her name to Anna J. Hardwick at Leavenworth. At Bryan she organized a private school, and the next year tried for a scholarship at the first Normal school for teachers at Huntsville. Here she had a teacher named Percy P. Pennypacker. Both Anna and Percy went to teach at Bryan when she was nineteen, and Percy was principal. She taught school at Carthage, MO for a year while Percy was studying in Europe. Upon return he became principal of Tyler high school, and they were married.
Anna was a writer, teacher, speaker, and club woman. She was the subject of two biographies. One was by Helen Knox: Mrs. Percy V. Pennypacker, and the other was by Rebecca Richmond: A Woman of Texas, 1941. Anna had Eleanor Roosevelt as a house guest in 1933 or 1934.

Percy died 15 May 1899 at age 56, and in 1900 Anna and her children moved to Austin TX.
Anna and Percy had four ch (Ref. 174):

606. i Lorine Pennypacker, b and d 1884 at Tyler, TX
607. ii Percy P. Pennypacker, Jr.
608. iii Bonner Pennypacker m Lois
609. iv Ruth Pennypacker

404. John Benjamin Hardwick Jr. (John B. Hardwick, Samuel P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 6 Sep 1865 at Fayetteville NC and died 14 Jun 1906. He moved with his parents to West Virginia, Kansas, and south through several towns in Texas to Corpus Christi.

When his father died, John B. Hardwick Jr. was age 30 and the editor of the Texas Sun newspaper in Corpus Christi. He married Maude Wareham, daughter of F. P. and Emma Jane (Baker) Wareham. She had come to Corpus Christi at age 18 to teach in a one room school on Shell Road, which was still there in 1987. She was born 27 Aug 1874 and died 14 Nov 1965.

They had 3 ch (Ref. 174):

610. i John Benjamin Hardwick III b 7 May 1897
611. ii daughter lived one day
612. iii Arlington Fuller Hardwick

After John B. Hardwick Jr. died, Maude married 2nd William H. Gearhardt, who was in the produce business.

406. Sallie Holmes Hardwick (John B. Hardwick, Samuel P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 7 Sep 1870 at Parkersburg WV. She married Thomas Thornton Holloway, who was a son of West Point graduate Edmund B. Holloway, who served in the US Army in the Mexican War. Edmund B. Hollaway was a son in law of Gen. William Fitzhugh Thornton, who lived at Shelbyville, IL.

Sallie and Thomas Thornton Holloway had 2 ch (Ref. 174):

613. i Thomas Thornton Holloway Jr.
614. ii Sarah Ruth Holloway

407. Able Sinnette Hardwick (John B. Hardwick, Samuel P. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 16 Jan 1873. His name was spelled Sinnat in the family Bible. He died 12 Jan 1945.

He worked as a lawyer at Abilene TX in an office with his brother Samuel Poindexter Hardwick.

Able married 1st Mary Darden Bass of Sulphur Springs, TX. She died in 1906. They had 2 ch both born at Abilene, TX (Ref. 174):

615. i Charles Poindexter Hardwick b 17 Jun 1902
616. ii Kathleen Bass Hardwick b 30 Nov 1903

After Mary died the children were cared for by an aunt and uncle, housekeepers, and at one time by M.C. Hardwick #603.
In 1914 Able married 2nd Martha Minnie Lindsey of Elmo, TX, Called “Aunt Minnie”, she was an artist (oil paintings). In later years Able was an attorney at Magnolia Petroleum Company. (later Mobil Corp.)

409. Lucy Patterson Thompson (Joyce P. Durham, Nancy C. Hardwick, Elizabeth Flowers, Ralph) was born 19 Mar 1860 in AR and died 11 Jan 1917 in Amarillo, TX. She was married 22 Jan 1878 at Halesboro, TX to John Edward Hughes, who was born 14 Oct 1852 in AL and died 21 Dec 1920 in Amarillo, TX. They had 2 ch (Ref. 54):

617. i Charlie Hughes b ca 1879 in TX
618. ii Frances Lanier Hughes (female) b 21 Sep 1895 at Amarillo, TX

1087. Martha Caroline Terry (William Franklin Terry, Mariah Doss, Mary Flowers, Ralph) was born 26 May 1856 and died on 3 Oct 1908 at Wildcat Hollow, DeKalb Co., TN. She married Richard McGinnis Trapp on 27 Jan 1884. He was born on 26 Oct 1846 in Wildcat Hollow, DeKalb Co., TN and died 5 Nov 1899 in Wildcat Hollow, DeKalb Co., TN. They had 3 ch (Ref. 233):

1091. i James Fantly Trapp b 10 Aug 1885 Wildcat Hollow, DeKalb Co., TN, d 12 Dec 1938
1092. ii Elizabeth “Betty” Ann Trapp b 12 Nov 1887, d 28 Feb 1959 Snows Hill, Smithville Co., TN
1093. iii Lillie Jewel “Lilly Bell” Trapp b 1 Oct 1899 Wildcat Hollow, DeKalb Co., TN, d 15 Apr 1970 at Liberty, TN